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  1. When using the paint gun, I can choose one of the color squares in the simple pallet to select. When I select the white box it puts the 255,255,255 in. However it will not paint unless I reduce at least one of the three to 254, For me I will never know the difference in white by 1. Really enjoying the game.
  2. CavemanMo

    World Map

    I discovered a method to create this map on a newly generated world. It is an accurate representation of the islands without any exploring. So perhaps a bit of a cheat, glitch, or exploit since it removes the challenge of finding your islands. Personally I have burned or to me earned after countless hours of exploration. So now I can build and explore the islands easier. How to: Step 1. load "task manager" Step 2. load ylands Step 3. Start a new explore game Step 4. watch the screen. As soon as the world map creation text reaches 100% and before you teach parrots to curse use your task manager to end the program. Ylands.exe Now when you reload the game and hit the continue button your map will be displayed as above. I recommend you screen cap. You won't see this screen again. Well that is what I did. I am not super clever, I discovered while fumbling around keybindings on Steam Controller and it happened. Then I repeated it to verify.
  3. yet another go-around. Place anything with free placing being toggled by "V" then toggle back.
  4. CavemanMo

    Ship glitches out while building

    MINE WORKS NOW... When the ship glitches in this fashion if you will place anything on the ship in "Free Place" mode ( keybinding = V ) . Then toggle back it eliminates this bug.
  5. Ok, not just flax. However additional info on how. If you have more than one stack of seeds of the same type in your seed box then when you right click one stack and begin to plant, the counter sees the count in the seed box other pile and I have infinite planting. ( Action Slot )
  6. Earlier I was running across the field, I came close to the shoreline when I saw a shark try and get me. I ran on and when I returned he was half way up in the field near woods. I was not aware that sharks could chase me on to land...... See picture.
  7. Hi, I decided to work at night to plant some flax seeds. I opened my seed box I had crafted earlier and right clicked on the flax seeds. I then began planting my 50 or so seeds to discover that the counter never reset when I planted them from the seed box. If I stop planting it works correctly but as long as I keep planting it is letting me plant as much as I want.. Good thing for me...... however. Having a great time. Thanks for your hard work. CavemanMO
  8. CavemanMo

    Let's ask all noob questions here + FAQ

    I think if you search keyword "noob" and make sure you add tag "noob" to questions. That Said, 1. How to find or discover various workstations like "Blacksmith station"
  9. CavemanMo

    How do I eat?

    Mouse Scroll.... gheesh what a NOOB... lol Hey I will leave the post just in case any else is as challenged as I.
  10. CavemanMo

    How do I eat?

    NOOB question. How Do I eat. I am starving and can't find the right keys to accomplish. Other things, inventory management,, etc.. to get my knife I currently use "i" for inventory then weapons filter then click then equip..... Something tells me there is a quicker way to arm myself.