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Suggestion: Address 1st person camera issues in Dev Diary


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Interesting timing, as the DayZ devs (BI's previous early access title) just released a status update basically stating that long promised features will never make it to the game, and features that were once implemented won't be coming back. Looking back at the DayZ development process and comparing it to the last 2,5 years of Ylands development the similarities are all too obvious in my opinion. Biggest issue IMO for Ylands is that it clearly lacks it's unique selling point compared to DayZ, and like mentioned it's a competitor to Roblox. I do value Ales' honesty and openness in the latest dev blog, which is what DayZ lacked.

For Ylands to not end up like DayZ I think there should be more communication and involvement with the community, and maybe a slight change in priorities. My main concern with the current game state is that it's still not possible to have a good "survival" experience with an online community, for various reasons. Are you guys going to be at gamescom this year again?


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