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Getting Ylands Free

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I have bought 40 copies of Ylands to give to creators who want to build stuff in Ylands. If your a great builder in other games like Minecraft and have some examples of your work, reply to this topic with coolest thing you created in another game, then join https://discord.gg/Ju82y7g & let me know there that you replied. 

Moreover, if you are a programmer or scripter & want to create things together with a friendly community in Ylands, let me know. 


I love Ylands and my clan P1 Creators is a family of positive, friendly & mature gamers making awesome stuff together. Our vision is to create an incredible positive community of creators that feel like family. We love having fun creating together and we seek to work together to do awesome things we could never do alone by combining our abilities. 

Together we won the first big Tencent competition. We earned 1st in games, 2nd in games and 1st and 3rd in builds. 

Together we have earned almost 20,000 USD doing what we love, even though we do it just for the fun of it. 

One day we hope to proceed to being able to make our very own games this way but right now we are starting in Ylands. 

We are looking for people who want to help us make really big things. Some of these things will be just for fun and to attract people to the game and some will be to win the big competitions and generate funds we can use to make our community even more awesome. 

The vast majority of our winnings were donated back by our members to help us grow. I feel incredibly lucky to lead a community of some of the most caring and friendly people to make my dream of building an awesome community come through.

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