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P1 Building Competition! #11 - City Props!

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Build a city prop, win a prize! 


The Idea: 

Everyone builds something related to a city (a prop) then we pull all the items together in one big server for all of us to enjoy! Part 4! 

Rather than a strong competition, any builds in the top 50% in quality enter to win a prize. Claim your preferred building, only one person can do one building type. 


The Contest:

1) Choose a city prop (trash bin, phone booth etc.) 

2) Reply to this topic with the prop you choose!

3) Build it

4) Upload to workshop & link it here

5) I will judge the builds. All builds in the top 50% have a random chance of winning one of the prizes: 

1st place: 3k Coyns

2nd: 2k

3rd: 1k

3 total prizes given at random to people in the top 50% of builds. 



Example props: 

Payphones, Cardboard boxes, Rubbish bag, Rubbish piles, Wheelie Bins, Litter, Mailboxes DONE, Billboards, Parking meters, Power boxes with cables (Place on walls), Power cabinet, Hot Dog cart, Ice cream cart, Donuts cart, Newspaper stands, Bus stop, Wood shed, Metal shed, Phone booths, Benches, Signs, Fence, Vending machines, Metal cage for trees, ATM's, Suburban mailbox, Pool, Swing Set, Dog House, Security camera, Roof lights, Planters, Skip with rubbish, PortaLoo, Sandpit, Fountains, Playground, Pipes, Drain, Pallet 

Images with examples: 






Deadline: 2 weeks from posting, to the min. 


>> How to get started: <<

The moment you see this reply:

I am in!

Do this if you are considering joining, its not a commitment to join for good. 

Judging criteria: 

1) How good does the build look?

2) Would it work in a city (connect to a parking lot, sidewalk etc.) 

3) Feel free to add a service-related car if relevant. 

Note: No need to go over-the-top, just have fun :D High chances of winning even if its not perfect. 



We can change the deadline via majority vote of those who have entered or by my own choice if no one has entered yet. 

No purchase needed, submissions outside the deadline do not count. Coyns have no real-world value but are bought in game for about 3-5 USD per 1000. So the value of prizes is about $30. I cannot win the prize myself... clearly and I will choose the winner based on the "judging criteria." Discord use not needed. P1 does not represent Bohemia Interactive and/or Ylands. Direct any concerns our way. BI is just doing the prizes. You MAY enter content not already uploaded to the workshop that you made BEFORE this contest started if you want. 



Can I make my build together with a team: 

Yes but only one person on the team can be given the prize. 

Can I build a collection of props: 

Yes, please do. 


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1 hour ago, Adam Snellgrove said:

Don't blame them. But I would definitely try and incorporate at least one of the mini-golf holes into the city as well if that's possible 😁

That would be awesome! 

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