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Ummm... I seem to be missing something in my Exploration Map.:.


As myself and my comrade are hammering through our exploration map, we have managed to get to a particular puzzle. As it has been enjoyable to play through... we find ourselves rather... well... frustrated and confused. We. Are. Stuck?

We have taken the steps to get where we need to and then... Nothing. It would seem that the Sphere for the Submarine is not there, despite the key being... where it should have been. 

This has me rather concerned. Was this puzzle removed from game play from exploration after the updates? It seems the older version of the game had more to interact with. There were sharks and birds which I understand will be coming back in future updates?

But... what about this puzzle? At this point it seems we can not move forward with it despite all of the hard work we have put into it. 

If The Dev team could hone in on this, Gggawwwd! Would it be helpful and welcomed!


Overall, we love this game to bits. Challenging ourselves daily and running around (and under) the Ylands and Ocean with fervor, but... some attention to The crowd for the Exploration Group would be loved! Though Workshop is lovely, we need some love too  ?


If ANYONE has had this issue, or any suggestions on this, join in on this discussion! 


Keep up the awesome work, DEVS! ?


Sitting at the bottom of the ocean hopefully,

? Nahni ?

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Hi! I just checked this puzzle and it seems to be working fine. What exactly seems to be the problem?

You can PM me if you're worried about spoilers :)

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