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  1. Hi! I just checked this puzzle and it seems to be working fine. What exactly seems to be the problem? You can PM me if you're worried about spoilers
  2. Khanecz

    can't ignite any workstation

    You don't have any lighter in your inventory - either craft a flint lighter or bow drill
  3. Khanecz

    Dev Diary #108

    Gothic 2 with the expansion is objectively the best game ever ?
  4. Khanecz

    Interview Ynterview #10 - Khan

    In my experience it's tabletop games more than board games, because you're more invested in it But in board games, I would say Monopoly
  5. Khanecz

    Suggestion: Hard trigger zones

    Ah, I see now. Sorry, I was wrong. Maybe @Houp could help?
  6. Khanecz

    Suggestion: Hard trigger zones

    This already exists, it's called an "Impassable Barrier" an you can set it as one big block that players collide with
  7. Khanecz

    Dev Diary #78

    @bb cakes_P1 @RedEagle_P1. We've recently updated the documentation for dedicated servers: password: expectBugs Can you tell me what exactly seems to be the problem? Thank you!
  8. Please look inside this topic password: expectBugs We've updated the guide
  9. Khanecz

    Dev Diary #67

    Yes, as you can see in the 3rd screenshot, the inventory will be semi-transparent, so you can see what's happening in the game.
  10. Khanecz

    Crossbow now nearly useless

    Hi! Which crossbow did you use? Nothing was done to crossbows in this update. I've just now tried a wooden crossbow and the bolt lands inside the crosshair and a panther died in 3 hits.
  11. Khanecz

    0.11: Peak Performance (19/11/2018)

    Yes, but the iron hammer can't focus individual entities because it attacks in an arc, that's what the demolition hammer was created for.
  12. Khanecz

    Quick Editor question

    Make sure you have "None" selected as move step in editor settings Then just hold "V" and drag the object.
  13. Hello. First you have to create a Waypoint game logic and assign it in the NPC properties Then you open the waypoint logic and in "Action" option, choose "Interaction" or "Talk"
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I'm especially glad you enjoyed the random sites and exploration.
  15. Khanecz

    Shrine with Medieval helmet inside

    It's not possible right now, you have to pick up all the dirt individually, this is however something that we're planning to change in future updates, it can be annoying.