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Adam Snellgrove

Update 1.3.5: Goodie Pack #1

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Hey there Ylanders! 

Today we are releasing our first Goodie Pack! As we have talked before, there are some really cool things included in this and we will try and release a Goodie Pack between major updates to keep your Creative and Exploration juices flowing. And this time it really has a reason to flow, cause of the crazy items we packed this pack with 😁


So first off we have the weapons! Now you already saw the awesome Pump-action corn gun and the devastating Pineapple grenade, but we’re also introducing the magnificent Banana pistol. So having a banana as your only form of defense will no longer be a cause for alarm and you can even hunt yourself a bit of rabbit or other small critters with a modified banana 🍌

image (57).png

But that’s definitely not all, so while the Explorers out there will be collecting Pineapples to surprise an unsuspecting Wendigo, Creators will have something to play around with too! We’ve added some cool stickers you can decorate your games with, such as the Smile sticker, Angry smile sticker, Crazy smile sticker, and the Moustache sticker. We’ve also added some other items you can arrange around the map, such as Star glasses, Crazy glasses, and Alien glasses and we’ll be adding items such as these in future Goodie Packs too. Also, Jenda (our audio fellow) has come up with a new music track for you to use in your games, so look out for that as well 😁

And finally, we are also including some bug fixes in this mini-update and so hopefully now you shouldn’t have any more trouble with Entity labels, On attack range events and quick uploading your creations 😉

Check out the full changelog here

And that’s it for now, so have fun and stay classy Ylanders. 

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