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Adam Snellgrove

1.3.5: Goodie Pack #1

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New Assets

Smile sticker

Angry smile sticker

Crazy smile sticker

Moustache sticker

Star glasses 

Crazy glasses 

Alien glasses

Pineapple grenade

Banana pistol

Pump-action corn gun

New music track


[YLD-24795] Fixed: Editor: Multieditation of different type of objects with "Damage multiplier" broke object properties window until restarting a game.

[YLD-24719] Fixed: Editor: setting parameters of equipped weapon did not work

[YLD-24904] Fixed: VS: Entity label was not detach from an entity on its destruction if the label was attached to it in different stage (attached to seedling and failed to detached from "same" young orchid)

[YLD-24764] Fixed: VS: "On attack range" event disappeared from an event list on fire arms

[YLD-24844] Fixed: compositions with entity welds using glowing colors could not be placed

[YLD-24667] Fixed: Account link: incorrect messages when account is locked due multiple invalid attempts

Fixed: Editor - Environment - tooltip
Fixed: Editor - Game Settings - Global Ambience tooltip

Fixed: If you uploaded a creation to the workshop through the game, but didn't publish it in the last step, following uploads wouldn't show the "Quick upload" button.

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