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Adam Snellgrove Hotfix 22.12

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Immediately passworded rented servers are now available on the next multiplayer yland in the region map just like the unpassworded ones. Unsummoning owned ship puts the padlock, if there was one, from the helm back to owners inventory. Locking ships owned by other players with padlocks is no longer possible. Keys now fit padlocks even between travels to other ylands on the region map. It is now possible to unsummon your own ship even if another player is controlling it.


[YLD-28117] Tweaked: Explore: Unsummmoning ship with a padlock on the helm will remove the padlock from the helm
[YLD-28114] Fixed: Explore: now you can not use lock anything on other player's ship (or paint them or enter/exit construction mode on them)
[YLD-28111] Fixed: Explore: key lost connection to the padlock after travelling to another yland
[YLD-28039] Fixed: Explore: summon button is faded out if you unsummon it while another player is controlling the helm
[YLD-28119] Fixed: Owned exploration rented servers protected with password are now discoverable with the same priority as those without a password.

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