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How-to & why register your Colony?

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It is the vision of the Flintlock Trading Company to create an accessible trading network of ports and harbors across the Exploration map of Ylands. From the Frozen north to the Arid South we want to ensure that every Agent of the Company can find a safe port or plantation to stock up on resources or offload some much needed supplies! Through this strategy, we hope to nurture a closer Ylands player-base which will make the game more enjoyable for all!

But we cant do this without your help! If you want to offer the services of your farm, settlement or home please get in touch! Here's what to do!


Create a new thread in this section with the name of your Colony as it's title. please populate your application thread with the following details:

  • An annotated screenshot of the Map, detailing the location of your Colony/Port.
  • The Biome and region it is located in.
  • A basic description of what resources your colony can comfortably provide (Flour, Sisal, Timber, Etc.).
  • If your Colony has any additional features that may benefit your application such as Ship-Building facilities or developed Docks, please include them in your description. Screenshots are highly recommended.

Should your Colony application be accepted, we require that you, as it's presiding Mayor adhere to the following conditions:

  • Your Colony map should be converted into a Sharegame Format. This will enable free-access to your colony by fellow Company Agents. You can of course limit visitor privileges to protect your property which we encourage.
  • Colony mayors should look to construct adequate docking facilities to allow large vessels to visit. Ideal facilities will allow the loading/off-loading of goods quickly.

Whilst it is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that Company Markings are displayed prominently to promote collective identity and trust.


With a well constructed and maintained port, you can begin to produce goods to sell to visitors and even establish trading routes yourself! If you have any further questions relating to this topic, please don't hesitate to drop me a line!

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