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How to submit a Membership Application

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Greetings & thank you for taking the time to consider applying for Membership into the Flintlock Trading Company. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the process of membership application!


  • Kindly send myself a Private Message expressing your desire to join the FlintLock Trading Company.
  • Please include a brief description of your experience playing Ylands and what you hope to bring to our little community.


  • If you are a member within another Ylands Clan, Guild or Party such as P1, World Of Dreams Etc. Please include it within your description. You will not have to leave your original Clan and this will not have any effect on your application but could have an effect on in-game communication and map privileges.
  • If you have been encouraged to submit an application by a fellow Company Member, please request that they state this on your application thread as it could increase your chances of a successful result.


Whilst I will generally accept the majority of applications, we will not tolerate individuals who have a track-record of being disruptive or abusive. Furthermore, non-participating members will also be reviewed on the basis of keeping the membership fresh and active.


Successful applicants will be inducted into the Company Ranks and will be issued the Flintlock Trading Company Uniform to be worn when conducting company business. Henceforth, it will the the duty of all FTC members to provide assistance to their fellow Agents when requested; be it military or mercantile!

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