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Here i am with another suggestion to improve (from my point of view) the game. 

I would love to see rowboats in game, and more importantly, to be able to attach them to a ship with some sort of structure, i think it would be amazing to carry around a little rowboat with my ship, for example, you maybe anchor your ship in a safe distance from shore, an then row to the island. I dont really know how hard would it be to make, but it would be amazing to see it ingame :)

Dinghy.jpg.3fa17b3d27ee0f5382d39e1df76d1b32.jpg  DkyhXnCWsAAN3Ql.thumb.jpg.ecfd6e421d6d0366e5d0c680c8b9740e.jpg5_72.JPG.png.e1aeeb0027b6f5f8729276abc6cd1ffb.png

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