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Nikki Severin Patch - 9 August '21

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Post-update fixes. Woohoo! ?

[YLD-32222] Fixed: Editor: Random encounters are generated on archipelago terrain.
[YLD-32217] Fixed: The name input field in My Profile cannot be clicked and thus your name can't be changed.
[YLD-31779] Fixed: Store screen should now display search results as a wide card.
[YLD-32155] Fixed: Mobile version: Workshop "play" button won't enter game detail window, instead just runs the game on the main screen.
[YLD-32109] Fixed: Headers in the games section of the player profile should no longer be confusingly acting like buttons, which they're not.
[YLD-31509] Fixed: Blueprint ingredients are no longer draggable. Blueprint ingredient view's scrollbar is larger on mobile.
[YLD-32101] Fixed: Long game description should now display correctly in the game info part of the Game Details screen.
[YLD-32115] Fixed: Exploration can't be purchased while in trial game.
[YLD-32054] Fixed: Save record cards should correctly display long save names.
[YLD-32135] Fixed: Untranslated Coop game settings in server management pop-up.
[YLD-31412] Fixed: The button that toggles the character details floating menu in the Message Screen on mobile should now be correctly hidden for the clan and current player.
[YLD-31443] Fixed: Crafting UI doesn't refresh when you craft an item.
[YLD-32165] Fixed: UI: Character status text in costumes and pets screens doesn't change.
[YLD-32476] Fixed: A bug where in some cases you would need to log in every time you launch the game in the MS Store version.
[YLD-32363] Fixed: VS: You are not able to test your game if you have empty holes in script tiles.

Fixed: Link to some Visual Scripting puzzles is pointing to Wiki homepage instead of the actual page.
[YLD-32187] Fixed: Added missing localization to the basic shapes button in Editor.
[YLD-32166] Fixed: Skill editing timeline should have correctly translated labels for upper & lower body and movement rows.
[YLD-32166] Fixed: When placing an NPC character of a certain type (e.g. a pirate), his or her name will be localized (same as the template).
[YLD-32166] Fixed: NPC types (templates) displayed in the Editor's Units window should now show their localized name.
[YLD-19895] Fixed: Oversensitive camera movement on devices with non 60hz display

[YLD-32089] Tweaked: Search bar on the Home Screen in the mobile version starts collapsed.
[YLD-32349] Tweaked: VS: Accessing properties and instructions of already destroyed entities will result in warnings.
[YLD-32054] Tweaked: Game records should show even the longest game names correctly.

[YLD-32445] Added: In-game registration of new players (still work in progress) due to new Apple requirements.

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