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Thoughts on the Ocean


The Ocean is a vast and visually appealing part of Ylands, being pretty much the only way to get around. The ocean is deep and mysterious, darkening as you descend further and further down to pick up that one oyster to fry up on your ylandium stove for dinner. Sometimes, the ocean isn't deep enough, and sometimes it isn't mysterious enough. Heck, it isn't even that dangerous! I suggest to you Ylands Team, that you atleast glance apon my list of ideas.


1> Dangers

As we all know, the ocean in Ylands will most likely never kill you, even with sharks involved. You're more likely to die to fall damage when turbo dismounting from your crow's nest at high speed. My first idea is add more threats. Atleast add more shark variants. But what I really want to see are different fauna, other than sharks, such a eels are barracudas. Maybe even the octopus or squid that I'm sure everyone's screaming about. The octopus and squid would hinder your vision if they decide to ink the waters, maybe even being able to attack your ship. Perhaps more dangers could consist of fire coral or other things alike Listen, I want to fear the ocean! I want my guts to knot up inside me as I contemplate whether or not it is worth it to dive down for treasure! I want to look at the ocean as the monster that keeps me up at night, not the lullaby that puts me to sleep!


2> Encounters

I've seen some pretty good encounters in my life of diving in Ylands, but after a few, they just seem to repeat. The same old tail-end of a plane wreck filled with oysters and ylandium lanterns, you know? Also, if the waters are a much bigger threat by this point, I'd expect that the new encounters are worth the risk. The first though that comes to mind is something like a shipwreck that much like in minecraft, yields some sort of map or clue to a hidden treasure elsewhere. Other encounters may even be the lurking area of a massive kraken or megalodon that yields valuable treasure when defeated. Maybe other encounters could strieght up give you treasure for free, or so you'd think. Thinking about the Pirates of the Caribbean, how about a certain treasure that de-buffs the player when it's collected, slowing them, reducing their defense, etc. I want to dive into this pitch-black void expecting great rewards for conquring every odd against me, not to collect another pair of denim pants from the tail of a plane!


3> Sub-Aquatic Environment


So far, the bottom of the ocean is flat and drab. Even if I don't find an encounter, I still want some sort of reward. How about better sub-aquatic terrain? Sure, glowy bits and bobs are cool and all, but they are nothing without terrain! I want to see massive pillars, sea caves, and trenches. Craters perhaps? Vegetation plays a big role in the beauty of the ocean too. Seaweed isn't something to toss about the room randomly, rather, make organized pockets. Maybe in the deeper parts of the ocean, such as caves and trenches, there could be bioluminescent plants that emit light? Maybe some of the plants can emit warmth, cause even with warm stuff on I still struggle with freezing temperatures. Other details may spruce up the environment greatly, especially collectable items that give people a reason to swim around. I also suggest giant clams, coral, sea-anemones, and more fish particle effects.  When I swim in the ocean, I want to see it full of life and wonders, and not a vast flat and sandy waste with the occasional sea-urchin and oyster!


4> Fishing

I know I've certainly covered fishing in the past, but It's something I'd definitely love to get into some time. Fishing should be more worthwhile, yielding rare items and more fish variants, rather than the basic fish item. Perhaps there can be specialized fishing zones, market by the fish particle effect, that enhance the yield of fishing? I'd love to see that someday I'll be fishing off the bow of my ship, only to see that the bait on my line had attracted a large predator. Listen, if fishing is going to become better and more yielding, then it should also have its consequences. Fishing could wear down your rod overtime, or even attract any sharks or enemies that happen to be nearby. Maybe fishing could yield complete and utter garbage at chances. When I fish, I want it to be a sport, not a hand me. I want to experience fishing like a hurricane, not a light breeze!


5> Surface Environment

Sometimes, what's beneath the tides isn't it all. There's still one particular location that seems incredibly devoid of decoration, that being the surface. Sure, Islands occupy the surface, but that is only the bigger picture. I want the smaller details. I'd heard talk of NPC enemy ships being a possibility, so what about friendly NPC ships? How about the occasional sea merchant that sometimes sails through, dropping anchor while the player is close to trade? The sea merchants would sell various items depending on the trader. The sea merchants will spawn at the edge of a map, and de-spawn when it sails to another. They would be marked on the map to make locating one easier. One other surface-related idea would be random clusters of floating barrels. Thinking of Sea of Thieves, it's enjoyable to hop out of the ship in order to loot food, planks, and cannonballs from these. He barrels would have resources in them. I wouldn't know what since the surface is practically considered the safe zone of the ocean, so I'd imagine the look would be somewhat low-grade. When I explore the surface of the ocean, I want an adventure, and not some traveling montage!


Those were a few of my thoughts and ideas for the ocean of Ylands. Again, I love this game, and would love to see more of its ocean's. Stay classy Ylanders.

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