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Islands are proabably the main focus, being the majority of a player's adventure, therefore they should definitely be improved. I'm no saying islands aren't already great, I'm saying that they could always do with a little more to improve their experience. This list covers a few of my thoughts and Ideas on what Ideas could be like.


1> Mountains

Mountains are high, but they're dry. The only thing Mountains are good for are being a lookout and occasionally having resource deposits on them. With bigger island coming, I feel that Mountains should become much taller, steeper, and more yielding. Incase you couldn't tell from my previous posts, I love a good challenge, so I suggest that mountains be an absolute pain to climb, large boulders constantly blocking the path up the ruthless cliffs. As should be, there are rewards for climbing these mountains. Perhaps a small cave entrance towards the top? Maybe the entire mountain could be hollowed out with small caves snaking all throughout it? These caves would have strong enemies and rare treasures littered throughout, and not just the occasional coal pocket.


2> The Surface

The surface is a fine place with hills, valleys, and plenty of random encounters to explore, but it could do with a little bit more. Animals seem to run aimlessly, not really coordinating at all. It'd be nice to see actual herds of deer run by, or herds of rhinos trample over me as I'm pleading at the game to return the stuff I lost the last 3 times I died to the same herd. Another thing would be better random encounters. Attain point, I've pretty much seen them all, and some of them are quite rewarding and interesting, but they almost don't seem like enough. The random encounters are also incredibly random, making no sense at all most of the time, so why not have something like a town occasionally lying about? The town could be filled with NPCs milling about, some of them merchants that the player can trade with. The towns would be themed depending on the biome it spawns in. Another is the overall terrain and landscape. Every island has it pretty much the same, having plains, hills, and mountains. What about revines and ditches? How about rocky spires and small plateaus? Another thing would be better vegetation and smaller details such as more grass, rocks, or smaller animals roaming about. Maybe you could even add tarantulas to the tropical rainforests!


3> Caves

Caves are great, yielding several different essential resources and metals, aswell as providing the player with a maze filled with difficult enemies, however, the cave isn't much of a maze, and the enemies are a breeze. If making the cave more of a maze isn't possible, nor making the enemies more difficult, then perhaps make the caves more hollering by adding other obstacles such as deadly traps and puzzles. Perhaps you could reward the player for getting past all of the traps and puzzles by having treasure rooms and vaults be located down in the caves. I'd imagine these rooms would be similar to the large crystal rooms, only piled with treasure!


Those were some of my Ideas for an improved island-based experience. I like writing these for the fun of it, expecting little content to actually make it, but that's ok. This is your game, not mine.

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