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Main menu overhaul
The new menu is on its way to your monitors and displays! We wanted to showcase all the fun that can be enjoyed in Ylands, as well as put the Exploration back into the spotlights where it belongs. Let us know what you think about it. 

Achievements and Titles
Awesome Achievements are a must-have part of the game to some, not so important to others. We always wanted them in the game, because it's easier to recognize a skillful player when there is a noble title next to the name.

Larger maps
Because of some serious technical issues, we had to generate ylands with a max size of 3x3 km in the past. Nobody was really satisfied with this limitation. It took us a tremendous amount of hard work, but finally, we can see the results. Ylands may be up to 8x8 km. To make the experience of exploring the vast lands of Ylands more exciting, we have also added more space between the individual ylands.

Exploration tutorial
Ylands is a huge game with a lot of possibilities. We heard your calling for the tutorial. It's optional, only at the beginning of the game and it teaches new players how to craft important things, sleep, build a raft and sail. We also marked some interesting places to help new players at the beginning of their journey of exploration. 

Mass pickup action
Sometimes, the clickfest when picking up things is just a bit too much. From now on, you can collect all the chopped wood by one long RMB hold. And not just wood, it works on everything pickable in the game. It will let you pick up all things of the same type lying close to your avatar at once. But if you enjoy clicking on every piece of item you want to pick up you're still welcome to do it your way!

Multiplayer game flow polish
We admit it right away. Inviting friends to multiplayer games was kind of witchcraft. Especially if you wanted to play Exploration together. Now it's much easier, takes you fewer mouse clicks and works right away! Let us know if there is still anything we can improve.

New Mystery Ylands 
Two new Mystery ylands have been added (and more are on the way). Far Reaches for the polar region and Imaginarium yland for the tropical region. Get out there and solve some mysteries!

Taking your animals with you
Have you found and tamed your soul animal in the game, but didn't like that you cannot simply take them on an adventure to a different yland with you? Now it's possible! You can summon your animal friend in a different scenario. Enjoy new adventures with your new travel companion!

Random default avatar
It's a small change but a welcome one. All the new avatars have completely randomized looks.

Butterfly, Corn Bandit & Ghost Nut pets 
New pets in the store. Cute and cool.

Map polish
Many things were tweaked and polished on the Exploration map. If we did a good job, you might not notice at the first glance, but when you use the map you will feel that it just works better. It's smooth and more intuitive.

Quality of life improvements
Have you struggled to claim your ship? Or was it hard to find out which ship on the sea is actually yours? Have you been confused within the workstations tabs or have you asked yourself, why is this particular item being held in your avatar's hands and another is not? Yeah, we were there too. That's why we checked every detail in the game and made sure that everything was in the right place and the game is consistent on every level. 

Terrain generation polish
Ylands were too circular and biomes were always clearly separated. So we pushed a few buttons and now the ylands can have more elongated shapes with a small portion of combined biomes (like a desert with dead trees, but still some life in it etc..)

Mobile platform Exploration pack
First, we let you play Exploration on your mobile. Another step was to recognize the platform and let you decide if you want to play it only on mobile or PC. You may now purchase Exploration as mobile-only from your iOS or Android device. Those with a PC version can play both on PC and mobiles without any restrictions (because, well, PC rules them all). 

Exploration pack can now be purchased with Coyns
The Exploration pack (both the PC and mobile-only) can be now purchased with Coyns. While the PC pack price remains roughly the same, players don't get any more Coyns after purchasing (quite understandably), which effectively means that those who now buy the Exploration pack with Coyns will get about half its original value. So thank you for your support!

Exploration is now available for the Microsoft Store version
Because we've changed the way players can purchase Exploration, it is now available for the MS store version. Simply buy it with your Coyns and enjoy the game. Please note that this version does not yet support P2P multiplayer and as such is more fitting for a single-player experience.

Crafting improvements and fixes
As mentioned several times on this page, we focus on the details, like the color difference between the recipe and item in the Hotbar, which should be more intense. There are some other user-friendly changes. 

Loading hints
All the loading screens in Ylands will show you useful tips and tricks. We will make sure that you won't forget about any features. And also, there are new Editor tips and tricks, so there is something for all of you. 

General UI polish
46 tasks were created with a detailed description of what should work better in terms of our UI. You will find these all throughout the game, from small to larger changes, each of them making the user experience better. One example for all - we overhauled the whole screen for workstations so it takes you fewer clicks to craft something there.

Additional recipes
Recipes for some objects, that couldn't be crafted so far, can be found in Random Encounters. We will keep adding more with every update.

Editor: Skills 2.0
Until now, skills could be initiated only from the skill bar, which has proven to be not really that useful in many situations. The goal was to give players more ways of initiating the skills in order to widen the use of this feature.

Editor: Advanced Error log
This new tool is available for our Creators. Error logs window shows all the error entries encountered during export or playtest. Each entry links to a relevant problematic object or instruction. It will help you identify and fix errors much faster.

Editor: Client scripting (beta)
Some games of our creators might suffer by the fact, that we checked all the actions on our server first. This caused short delays which could frustrate not only the creators, but the players too. That's why we're adding so-called local scripting, it first happens on the device where it runs, so there is no delay, the action will happen immediately. It works only for selected Game Logics. Although fully working, the interface, as well as the documentation, still deserves some love - that's why we consider this a beta stage.

Editor: Custom map markers
A new in-game map will allow Creators to help their games' players to navigate their games with the help of markers, which are actually the Creators' own custom image.

Editor: Quality of life improvements
A lot of small tweaks and details, around 60 of them, were implemented. We also added some new events, ragdoll instructions and individual UI buttons. Go and check it out. Everything works better, you'll see!

Mobile ambient improvements
Up until now, the mobile version felt a little bit darker and less colourful than its PC sibling. Well, no more. Say hi to improved visuals.

New Assets

Ghost nut
Corn bandit

Bear (3 variants)
Honey Badger
Rabbit (2 variants)
Cat (5 variants)
Sheep (2 variants)

Game assets:
trickster wand
magic wand
nod wand
pumpkin hats
pumpkin weapons
pumpkin lanterns
pumpkin plants
pumpkin food

Additions / Removed
[YLD-29331] Added: All recipes revealed option for mobile sandbox games.
[YLD-29486] Added: Popcorn cornbrain pet animations.
[YLD-30986] Added: Search box to Audio Clip Selection Popup.
[YLD-31486] Added: Skill preview improvements: Playback can now be frozen at specific time, timeline position indicator moves with skill playback.
[YLD-31776] Added: Hold-to-split item slot functionality extended to containers.
[YLD-32174] Added: Blueprint creation into Sandbox game.
[YLD-32393] Added: A button to the Animal pen UI for Travel companion promotion/demotion.
[YLD-32394] Added: An icon into the Animal pen grid to signify which animal is a Travel companion.
[YLD-32399] Added: A button into the radial menu for Unsummoning Travel companion.
[YLD-32406] Added: A button into the radial menu for Releasing focused tamed animal.
[YLD-32534] Added: Helpful loading hints that - depending on the game-mode the player starts - show up during loading.
[YLD-32783] Added: Mythical animal category to the editor.
[YLD-32785] Added: Mythical Animals category to the creator cube.
[YLD-32986] Added: "Invite a Friend" button back to Exploration mode.
[YLD-33296] Added: An option to have separate mobile variant of the hint.
[YLD-33563] Added: Code that will trigger random avatar settings on 1st start.[YLD-32408] Added: Editor: Show Ylands Folder under Export submenu.

[YLD-33583] Added: Editor: you can now set custom grid size for move/rotation/scale.
[YLD-33324] Added: Editor: a new option "Show events in VS" added to button widgets in Custom HUD/Window.
[YLD-33402] Added: Editor: you can now enable custom actions in Custom windows / cursor mode.
[YLD-32845] Added: Editor: propeller pack heating/cooling rate is now settable.

[YLD-31696] Added: VS: "Get camera position"/"Get camera direction"/"Get mouse position" VS tiles to SP/Local scripting.
[YLD-32204] Added: VS: new listenable events to event listener (Player action: On player connected/disconnected/spawn/death/respawn).
[YLD-32858] Added: VS: Force ragdoll <Player> script tile.
[YLD-33116] Added: VS: loose equality operators.
[YLD-33606] Added: VS: exposed data about mobile screen touches for SP games.
[YLD-33608] Added: VS: On pet event to event listeners and all animals.
[YLD-33816] Added: VS: On reading ended event.
[YLD-33819] Added: VS: On attack ranged started/ended events to event listener.
[YLD-33902] Added: VS: On bait detected + on baiting ended/interrupted events added to event listener.
[YLD-34029] Added: VS tile to play particles on an entity which will move with the entity.
[YLD-31161] Added: VS: Get platform VS tile (PC/Mobile).
[YLD-31448] Added: VS: added several script tiles for SP games (for getting mouse/camera position).
[YLD-33359] Removed: Editor "normal" surface snapping mode. Surface snapping off/strict stays.
[YLD-32152] Removed: Proximity lines in the placing mode.

Added: New idle animation for crabs added to controller (replacing eat animation).

[YLD-30713] Tweaked: Changed leg animation for rifle walk jump to remove shakiness.
[YLD-31011] Tweaked: Explore 2 : cannot delete any normal single player (owned) maps from region map.
[YLD-31114] Tweaked: Skill timeline: context menu now works also with multiselection now.
[YLD-31166] Tweaked: Change the text displayed in the Region map for new player.
[YLD-31169] Tweaked: Change the tooltip text on Milestone scenario refresh button.
[YLD-31332] Tweaked: Text scripting: YPlayer namespace introduced. You may now find there Reset movement keys and Is online script instructions.
[YLD-31452] Tweaked: Removed empty category NPC from creator cube.
[YLD-31685] Tweaked: Text scripting: YSingleplayer namespace is now renamed to YLocalPlayer (you will need to adjust your scripts if you were using it).
[YLD-31694] Tweaked: Changed default "Show mouse" keybinding from Z to Y to not conflict with AZERTY keyboards.
[YLD-31702] Tweaked: Text scripting: YSinglePlayer.getHorizontal/VerticalInput renamed to YLocalPlayer.getPrimaryHorizontal/VerticalInput.
[YLD-32054] Tweaked: Game records should show even the longest game names correctly.
[YLD-32077] Tweaked: Open local map when clicking on current island from region map.
[YLD-32082] Tweaked: Current exploration game can be shared even if it was not published; the publish will happen automatically before share. It must still be the currently played game (player must be in game) and player must be playing from device capable of hosting (not mobile).
[YLD-32089] Tweaked: Search bar on the Home Screen in the mobile version starts collapsed.
[YLD-32409] Tweaked: Editor: save button is disabled now during saving.
[YLD-32416] Tweaked: Array category order.
[YLD-33020] Tweaked: Get Custom Key Action State parameter name fix.
[YLD-32424] Tweaked: Changed names of Array operations such as Push/Pop to Add/Remove etc...
[YLD-32487] Tweaked: Friend icon in social screen was merged with the "Online" indicator.
[YLD-32502] Tweaked: Exploration: Raft can no longer be claimed as exploration vehicle.
[YLD-32503] Tweaked: Exploration: Exploration vehicle notification is now displayed each time after player builds exploration-eligible vessel, even if it is not auto-claimed.
[YLD-32560] Tweaked: Scenarios in the Games screen now show scenarios without the default thumbnail first (except for the New and updated section).
[YLD-33014] Tweaked: Get/Set controller parameter instruction name.
[YLD-33020] Tweaked: Get Custom Key Action State parameter name fix.
[YLD-33073] Tweaked: Tweaked character toes to behave natural when running or flying on propeller pack.
[YLD-33099] Tweaked: An error message too generic when game files are modified.
[YLD-33104] Tweaked: Overhauled workstation screens to make them easier to navigate and use.
[YLD-33293] Tweaked: Warning notifications should now stay displayed for longer, giving the players more time to read them.
[YLD-33370] Tweaked: You can get back to flying from gliding after a propeller pack cools down.
[YLD-33374] Tweaked: Exploration: it is now possible to travel to undiscovered islands when previous session is unreachable or 'continue on safe island' option is selected.
[YLD-33434] Tweaked: Placing: tapping F/G/H now works same as holding F/G/H and moving a mouse.
[YLD-33721] Tweaked: The workstation screen now makes it more obvious when it needs an energy or needs to be ignited but the player doesn't have a source of fire.
[YLD-33736] Tweaked: Players can now zoom out more in their local maps, giving them better overview of the larger ylands.
[YLD-33988] Tweaked: "Mouse cursor mode" is now available in more situations (like when driving car).

[YLD-31653] Tweaked: Editor: it should not be possible to set negative value to Dimension/Radius property of many objects.
[YLD-32423] Tweaked: Editor: Default domestication level has now slider in properties window.
[YLD-33085] Tweaked: Editor: default entity bruch palettes now inherits pickable/interactible/indestructible states from game settings.
[YLD-33125] Tweaked: Editor: "grid lock mode" is now turned on/off manually. It is not turned on automatically any more.
[YLD-33299] Tweaked: Editor: caret in input fields of Object properties window are now better visible.
[YLD-33327] Tweaked: Editor: changing scale/alpha/simulation speed through properties have now immediate effect in scene.
[YLD-33359] Tweaked: Editor: you can rotate selected objects with F/G/H.
[YLD-33359] Tweaked: Editor: when placing you can now see position/rotation gizmos if they are turned on.
[YLD-33359] Tweaked: Editor: selection gizmo is now hidden when placing new objects.
[YLD-32776] Tweaked: Editor: when editing weld/group you can now paint only entities of the weld/the group.
[YLD-33802] Tweaked: Editor: when searching by text then now it search in all entities (opposed to search only in current category).
[YLD-28841] Tweaked: VS: trying to set "pure damage" resistance will result in warning now.
[YLD-33284] Tweaked: VS: switching among VS of different objects will not close/open VS window.
[YLD-32349] Tweaked: VS: accessing properties and instructions of already destroyed entities will result in warnings.

Tweaked: Better jump land transition synchronization with walk/run cycles.
Tweaked: Crab default animations rotated to face forward (meaning crabs don't walk sideways anymore).
Tweaked: Default scenario thumbnails are no longer being uploaded/downloaded to/from the workshop, they are loaded locally.
Tweaked: File Too Big error message for /getfile command now states you can use -force switch to download the file even if it exceed the file limit of 67108864B.
Tweaked: Changed Crab animation rotation in combat to face player.
Tweaked: Made the RE generation more spread out over the individual ylands.
Tweaked: String handling in GenScript  function parameters was made more consistent and therefore predictable.
Tweaked: VS: "set property" tiles.

[YLD-30632] Fixed: Held items for NPCs spawned outside the camera view should no longer appear at origin.
[YLD-34426] Fixed: Worn particles are visible over costumes.
[YLD-15544] Fixed: Arrows do not damage explosive items.
[YLD-19895] Fixed: Unstable controls when display refresh rate is not 60Hz.
[YLD-24809] Fixed: Sound would not play when switching tabs. Sometimes would even throw exception.
[YLD-24975] Fixed: Possibility of infinite sleeping.
[YLD-26272] Fixed: Water volumes under sea level should no longer cause the player to swim while positioned above their water surface.
[YLD-26678] Fixed: Assembling a vehicle makes parts of it sometimes briefly disappear.
[YLD-26678] Fixed: When one player assembles vehicle and another connects to server parts of the vehicle temporarily disappear.
[YLD-27998] Fixed: Environmental sounds are faded out when go to 0 instead being insta disabled.
[YLD-28634] Fixed: Workshop: you are logged out and shown as active if you do anything in game.
[YLD-28801] Fixed: Casting a modal skill no longer changes item hotbar.
[YLD-29513] Fixed: Vendor banners : two banners does behave differently when placed on hotbar for cube.
[YLD-29853] Fixed: Despawning a weapon in reaction to a melee hit resolution no longer results in an error.
[YLD-29901] Fixed: Assign animal to pen does not cancel summon command.
[YLD-29954] Fixed: Game does not lock cursor anymore after Alt-Tab on Microsoft Store platform.
[YLD-29964] Fixed: Clay flower pots disappear after putting ship into disassemble mode.
[YLD-30066] Fixed: Artifacts on coast/shore when underwater.
[YLD-30329] Fixed: Terrain material is removed from the inventory even when its placing makes no terrain change.
[YLD-30332] Fixed: Times of status effect should be more precise now.
[YLD-30341] Fixed: Equip button is missing on detail view when the player does not know the recipe for it.
[YLD-30418] Fixed: Swimming away from other clients and then changing active hotbar item no longer breaks future active item visuals.
[YLD-30740] Fixed: The resolution dropdown should not change after setting it when pressing windowed mode checkbox in setting.
[YLD-30745] Fixed: Food should cook properly now.
[YLD-31126] Fixed: Starting yland button animation is behaving differently to other Region map buttons.
[YLD-31129] Fixed: Icons for milestone scenarios should now have the correct sprites.
[YLD-31129] Fixed: Add correct icons for Milestone scenarios.
[YLD-31412] Fixed: The button that toggles the character details floating menu in the Message Screen on mobile should now be correctly hidden for the clan and current player.
[YLD-31428] Fixed: Missing character preview in some cases in pets and costumes screen.
[YLD-31435] Fixed: Character rotation in Creators cube screen.
[YLD-31443] Fixed: Crafting UI doesn't refresh when you craft an item.
[YLD-31473] Fixed: Crafting item icon - name centered.
[YLD-31509] Fixed: Blueprint ingredients are no longer draggable. Blueprint ingredient view's scrollbar is larger on mobile.
[YLD-31520] Fixed: Skill timeline: character holds sea urchin in his hands when he should have empty hands.
[YLD-31646] Fixed: Dragging an ingredient from the crafting recipe's ingredient list is no longer possible.
[YLD-31704] Fixed: Text aligned to left.
[YLD-31736] Fixed: Incorrect header text in Purchase failed dialog, when player doesn't have enough money.
[YLD-31779] Fixed: Store screen should now display search results as a wide card.
[YLD-31860] Fixed: Bundles money icon properly positioned and scaled.
[YLD-31914] Fixed: Exception when Get Position/Get Segment has <Missing Variable> as Leaderboard name.
[YLD-31920] Fixed: Pressing ESC sometimes opens the main menu when building instead of cancelling building mode while playing at high framerate.
[YLD-32054] Fixed: Save record cards should correctly display long save names.
[YLD-32101] Fixed: Long game-description should now display correctly in the game info part of the Game Details screen.
[YLD-32109] Fixed: Headers in the games section of player profile should no longer be confusingly acting like buttons, which they're not.
[YLD-32114] Fixed: Exception : ylands.UtilityPrefabPool.GetPool when client stops loading particular blueprint and returns to main menu.
[YLD-32135] Fixed: Untranslated Coop game settings in server management pop-up.
[YLD-32151] Fixed: Z-fighting issues on building ghost while TAA is active.
[YLD-32155] Fixed: Mobile version: Workshop "play" button won't enter game detail window, instead just runs the game on the main page.
[YLD-32165] Fixed: PC and Mobile UI: Character status text in costumes and pets screens doesn't change.
[YLD-32166] Fixed: Skill editing timeline should have correctly translated labels for upper & lower body and movement rows.
[YLD-32166] Fixed: When placing an NPC character of a certain type (e.g. a pirate), his or her name will be localized (same as the template).
[YLD-32166] Fixed: NPC types (templates) displayed in the Editor's Units window should now show their localized name.
[YLD-32187] Fixed: Added missing localization to the basic shapes button in Editor.
[YLD-32195] Fixed: Charging station sound is now correctly removed when ship is destroyed/disappears. Also sound is now correctly positioned.
[YLD-32217] Fixed: The name input field in My Profile cannot be clicked and thus your name can't be changed.
[YLD-32326] Fixed: Terrain: there are small strangely generated water pools around some random encounters near shore.
[YLD-32353] Fixed: Exploration cars no longer offer the 'claim ownership' action in radial menu.
[YLD-32378] Fixed: Editor: selection window is not updated when you change language inside editor.
[YLD-32445] Fixed: A bug where in some cases you would need to log in every time you launch the game in the MS Store version. Also added the registration form.
[YLD-32547] Fixed: Graphic quality settings are visible under borders of the screen.
[YLD-32666] Fixed: Flower pot issues on vehicles when toggling construction mode.
[YLD-32725] Fixed: Memory leak: when you travel in explore wearing propeller pack.
[YLD-32744] Fixed: Objects placed with the object brush tool would not stack in inventory with other items of the same type.
[YLD-32763] Fixed: Random Encounter: 101 Mark I Armor, it's not possible to break the glass of tower and more.
[YLD-32786] Fixed: Sometimes when in a cave with a pool after leaving the water the sound could stuck in Underwater snapshot. (sounding still like under water).
[YLD-32877] Fixed: Mobile version: Sound volume setting is not saved.
[YLD-32878] Fixed: When removing a game from a rented server, the game would show an error as a result of it trying to remove the game twice.
[YLD-32922] Fixed: Mobiles: Scenario overview: New and Updated category would open Highest rating, while Highest rating would open an empty screen.
[YLD-33000] Fixed: Crafting : incorrect recipe for horse bait.
[YLD-33002] Fixed: Random Encounters cannot be seen on Compass in Mobile Exploration maps.
[YLD-33011] Fixed: Z-fighting issues on building ghost while TAA is active.
[YLD-33016] Fixed: Some files are not uploaded to Steam Cloud and therefore not carried over between devices.
[YLD-33112] Fixed: Some combinations of VS puzzles do not show proper error when invalid types are passed to a function call.
[YLD-33274] Fixed: Missing particle effect of annihilator after getting out of body of water.
[YLD-33334] Fixed: Some GUI screens can get stuck in opened state when the player accepts a game invite or joins a Playlands minigame.
[YLD-33338] Fixed: Equipped propeller pack does not show custom colors.
[YLD-33827] Fixed: Animal pen should display default localized names properly for unnamed animals.

[YLD-32375] Fixed: Editor: entities blink on 0,0,0 position when you select them in catalogue.
[YLD-33919] Fixed: Editor: rotation gizmo helper lines have magenta color.
[YLD-33987] Fixed: Editor: "Export to this computer" does not optimize game. Result should be same as if you export the game to the workshop.
[YLD-28315] Fixed: Editor: Energy lines disappear after car/ship is removed and pressing undo.
[YLD-32222] Fixed: Editor: random encounters are generated on archipelago terrain.
[YLD-31852] Fixed: Editor: All Axis Rotation option of Random Rotation setting is applicable on NPCs.
[YLD-32186] Fixed: Editor: dropdowns in properties can stop working if you move mouse outside it.
[YLD-32327] Fixed: Editor: seeds are not placing their planted versions properly.
[YLD-32605] Fixed: Editor: there is no reference line when you reference other objects from game logic object's visual script.
[YLD-32815] Fixed: Editor: place sleeping pads looks to be packed even though they are unpacked.
[YLD-32816] Fixed: Editor: it is possible to weld some non empty containers which results in broken weld.
[YLD-32844] Fixed: Editor: vegetation placed with object brush tool changes its visual after load.
[YLD-33456] Fixed: Editor: entity is snapped to ground when aligning with ground while moving.
[YLD-33505] Fixed: Editor: preview of non-NPC actors can be randomly rotated.
[YLD-33506] Fixed: Editor: rotation of entities is influencing rotation of actors.
[YLD-33673] Fixed: Editor: changes of special attack damage and type are not saved.
[YLD-33730] Fixed: Editor: cursor flickers when using Basic Shapes Tool.
[YLD-33354] Fixed: Editor: it is not possible to edit orientation of placed particles in Particle edit mode.
[YLD-33424] Fixed: Editor: drag and drop Entity welds does not work correctly with ground snapping on.
[YLD-33157] Fixed: Editor: blueprints in save game shows "Edit weld" which does not work.
[YLD-33272] Fixed: Editor: "Esc" breaks editor when moving custom entity's particle in particle editing mode.

[YLD-34147] Fixed: VS: placed composition sometimes do not update correctly references to Global storage's custom instructions.
[YLD-34312] Fixed: VS: Transform rotation does not work correctly if you rotate around 2 or 3 axes. (you may need to adjust existing scripts).
[YLD-24568] Fixed: VS: Changing operator disables zooming of canvas.
[YLD-30229] Fixed: VS: immediate respawn player after is death does not work.
[YLD-31499] Fixed: VS: setting domestication level on newly spawned animals does not work correctly.
[YLD-31741] Fixed: VS: search does not find Custom Window widget events.
[YLD-32348] Fixed: VS: switching scripts with opened left menu results in duplicate of script tiles.
[YLD-32363] Fixed: VS: you are not able to test your game if you have empty holes in script tiles.
[YLD-32471] Fixed: VS: opening/closing door through scripts does not play a sound.
[YLD-32492] Fixed: VS: (None/null + "any text") expression does not work.
[YLD-32856] Fixed: VS: Force flying <player> <false> does nothing.
[YLD-33451] Fixed: VS: variables with same Custom UI widgets does not equal each other.
[YLD-33452] Fixed: VS: copying position to Vector3 literal does not change value shown in script tile.
[YLD-33752] Fixed: VS: On light/On feed fire events does not trigger if user lights/feed fire with button in UI.

Fixed: Blueprint parts that are welded together have all 1 HP combined.
Fixed: display Codex pages connected to Exploration game mode in the mobile version as well.
Fixed: Exception when trying to rejoin an explore game from which you were banned.
Fixed: ImageReference with invalid passed types handling in GenScript is inconsistent (potential BC break: now it throws invalid type error in all cases instead of sometimes failing silently).
Fixed: VS: errors thrown while executing instruction parameters have wrong stack trace.
Fixed: YController.velocity and YController.orientation do not display error when invalid type is assigned (potential BC break).
Fixed: YLogic.id returns wrong type which is unusable for further manipulation; now it returns Number as declared in the documentation.
Fixed: YUiImage.flipImageVertically returns value for horizontal flip instead (potential BC break).
Fixed: Your last island is not available notification appear when you open region map on newly discovered map in Exploration mode.
Fixed: Select entities have wrong dimensions in their tooltips. Also fixed the PrecountBlockCollisions to not fail when it's unable to load the asset, but continues with other definitions.
Fixed: Drag and dropping an equipped item to the inventory tab actually unequips the item and drops it into the inventory (given that you have space for it, otherwise it gets dropped. onto the ground).
Fixed: Painting System: focused entities cannot be painted if another entity is close.

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