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Infinite Loading Screen - Stuck on Starter Island


Hi guys,

Shortly after experiencing depsawning/deletion of my mobile ship/base -See bellow-, I decided to settle on the starter island to rebuild a home there. I decided to take my ship and attempt to leave in order to gather more supplies and I experienced the following...

  • Claimed Ship leaves map border.
  • I select a new location -I have attempted to create a new map as well as visit a pre-exisiting one-.
  • Loading screen appears -Saving Island occurs and progress bar moves-
  • Upon 25 Percent of the progress, Saving island text disappears and an infinite loading loop occurs.


At this point I have no option but to alt-f4 the game. I reboot it, and reopen exploration. My ship remains on the border of the starter island map. As a consequence I am unable to leave the starter island and am now trapped. I have attempted to use different ships to leave but with no success. Any thoughts?

I have enclosed a copy of the files for further study.




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