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Make enemies instantly aggressive

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Ambush! You unwittingly step into the trigger zone and the horde spawns all around you, then most of them wander off without noticing you. Or, they just pause and think about their problems while you beat them on the head. That seems to be the way it naturally goes, even with all the AI set to highly aggressive. They are very slow witted and easily killed. It's hard to get good help, nowadays.

Instead, when enemies spawn,  just make them Move to Target, the target being You and instantly, they become teenage girls and you are the Beatles.

I know it's not genius, but it took quite a while before that dawned on me and having dependable minions really makes the whole evil Overlord thing a lot less stressful, so I thought to post it. You would think it would just work, right out of the box, but no, it certainly does not. There should be an instant aggro box to click in the AI that moves to the nearest player automatically. For a long, long time I had figured that this game was just slow witted and incapable of targeting me. That's not the case at all, but the solution isn't obvious and I just stumbled across it.

Please, make a clickable box in the AI for actual Instant Aggro. Thanks.


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