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UNDER REVIEW [YLD-6889] [YLD-6888] [YLD-6890] Small holes in the terrain and a couple other issues.


So threw digging or using a shovel sometime's it'll cause a small hole to appear in the terrain that you could potentially fall threw, Most the time their only small enough for small items to fit and fall threw but I have created a larger one before that was big enough for me to fit threw. I'm not sure if above was the cause of it but I have the feeling it was as eventually, my game crashed after a while.

The log with the terrain hole's that eventually crashed: 01_output_log.zip


Wooden Box has 'Pick Up' action text for right click on it while it has the time until it cannot be pickup making you unable to open it in that time frame.

While pickup is active:


After the timer has ended:



Death next to workstations will lead to your items being under the workstation

I die next to my foundry and some of my items went under it making it hard to recover without digging around the foundry trying to maintain its height.

Can see my legs, dirt and some needles stuck under/near it and I can't pick them up:


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Hi No-Half-Measures, I had something similar happen to me, and I figured I should post it here. I planted a ton of bamboo and tall oaks close together for easy chopping. Once I had macheted and sawed about 20-30 bamboo and tall oaks entities, one of the tall oaks fell on top of me. I'm not sure if I may have been standing on a trunk or leaves, as my view was blocked by the falling tree, but it hit me and pushed me straight through the map. I landed up falling for about 30 seconds or so until I froze to death. I'm not sure if tree entities pushing avatars through maps is common, but I figured I'd mention it. I haven't checked to see if my items are on the ground yet, or if they're under the map yet.



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