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Dev Diary #239 Paying You a Visit

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Hey there, fellow Ylanders!

This week's Dev Diary will kick off with a message from Aleš, addressing our amazing players:

"A bit ago we had a live stream and it was a lot of fun as usual. But there was one specific segment I enjoyed the most, which I find really satisfying and which I've been thinking about quite a lot.

Our Community Manager Anna took me on a trip to a server, where players build, well, things. That, by itself, isn't anything uncommon. What has blown our minds was how many awesome things players have built since Anna had laid a foundation for that place. A mere two weeks ago.

So many amazing structures, filled with so many cool and funny details. And not only are players working on their own buildings, but they also keep adding and enhancing things others have made. And, most importantly, when you go there you are met with the exact amount of fun, silly and class that we consider the core Ylands values."

If building in a place where others can admire your skills, collaborating with other creators and being able to explore and have fun with them sounds good to you - be sure to join the server. The name is SECRET STREAMERLAND (So don't tell anyone.... tell just about everyone!). 


Seeing how much incredible content can be created in just two weeks is damn impressive and it's something that makes us really happy. (And it seems that the new blueprint system is quite helpful, which is also great. :D )

Huge thanks to everyone who participates in this cool endeavour (as well as those we have yet to see) and stay classy, Ylanders!

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I would like to pay you a visit on the server "Secret Streamerland" but it does not show up in the multiplayer lobby, nor can I find it when I am searching for it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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