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BTH Custom Editor Tools

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Broccoli Tree House Custom Tools


This is the home page for all Broccoli Tree House Custom Tools, a collection of useful tools to help with building complex creations in the editor (which can be blueprinted into explore).
This project started before Custom tools were added to ylands my plan is to recreate the old ones with the new system and then continue to make new tools. Each tool's description explains how to use it, if you need more help feel free to DM me here or on discord (O1iver#5816). 

An example of some boat hulls by YoHasLego that used the mirror tool to create the other half.


Mirror Tool

This tool is used to mirror objects over a plane. See this post for why you might need to do this (This is the old version of the tool but the introducing the problem section is still relevant).
It is limited to entities, game logics and groups that are symmetric about at least one plane. (It can still give satisfactory results without the last condition)
Knows issues: Properties such as indestructible and pickable wont be transferred to the new entities. 



MIRROR TOOL [BTH] 0.3.1.zip


  • the tool can now detect child groups
  • option to ignore child groups


  • UI buttons disappearing if only 2 unique objects were selected
  • with mirror groups enabled:
    • preview group for selecting symmetry plane would spawn on confirm
    • Child groups would be spawned with incorrect position/rotation 

MIRROR TOOL [BTH] 0.3.0.zip




Edited by Oliver Hope
added tutorial video

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