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Dev Diary #264 All the nice things

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Ahoy Ylanders! 
There are many various play styles when it comes to Ylands. Some players like to build, stay in the same place and improve it over time, while others are traveling a lot exploring and fighting. Since the game in some ways favors those who travel and explore a lot, those who don’t do that can be missing out on some things: most importantly, the non-core, aesthetic crafting recipes that you get for exploring various Random Encounters in the world.  
There are hundreds of such recipes and so, if you – for example – want to create a great modern-looking house you will need to explore a lot to make sure you discover the recipes you want to use.  (We’re talking about Adventure mode, since, of course, you have access to everything in the Creative mode). We've been getting feedback from players who don’t necessarily want to do that. 
And especially for those players in 1.12, we are introducing aesthetic Recipe Bundles. Those are various thematic bundles that you can get in Shop. Here’s what you should know about those: 

  • all the recipes that the bundles contain can be found in the world while playing 
  • the bundles contain only aesthetic recipes, so to unlock the various parts of the “tech tree” and progress in the game you still need to play and craft various things 
  • once you get any bundle, you will always know the recipes contained in it – so even after you’ve reset and restarted your game progress or the game world 
  • they're just recipes so you still need to get the resources needed to craft each of the items and may have to use a workstation as well

Also, we’re currently designing something we’ve already mentioned in the past – Recipe Trainers, which we would like to introduce to the game later this year, where you will be able to pick which aesthetic recipes to learn in exchange for Exploration points.

That’s all for today, so until the next time – stay classy! 



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