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Dev Diary #266 Where Adventurers Are Born

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We know that one of the things that keep you up at night is the question "What is C.A.G"? Or at least we are pretty sure it would, if we ever mentioned it before.

So what is C.A.G. ?

No, it's not Cool Angry Gorillas, it stands for Classy Adventurers Guild. It's the most prestigious guild, whose members are bold men and women traveling to all corners of the world to explore the unknown. (So far no other guild for travelers exists, so the competition for the most prestigious one was not that big). They are fighters. They are builders. They are survivors and dreamers. They are...



So from this day, wherever you see its emblem and the strong, wise message "Ne biberis mare" you'll know that adventure is close. And you can trust us that you will get to see this a lot in the upcoming months and years.

Let us conclude with a personal message from one of the greatest living adventurers of our time, a proud C.A.G. member, Mr. Horatio Reginald Elmwood:

"There will be times when you'll have to fight tooth and nail to survive. When all you have is your will to go on, your mission, and a cup of that unique, delicious Elmwood Classic Tea - now also available with the new Guava and Slimy Dirt flavors. It's these moments when boys become men. Girls become women. Old people become older. That is the circle of life. Just think about it. I do. Always."

Stay classy, Ylanders! 

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Oooo very intriguing. I love the motto, had me in fits!  Ne Biberis Mare - Do not drink the sea 🤣 

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