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Dev Diary #270 Encountering Randomness

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Ahoy, Ylanders!

First Dev Diary in the renewed 2.0 Ylands is finally here, and it is quite arbitrary as you will soon see.

The C.A.G. editorial team has made the executive decision to let the dice decide this diary's theme, and it's random encounters! What a coincidence, right?

Disclaimer: As you go through today's diary you will encounter several very fun and very arbitrary facts about random encounters in Ylands.



Random Random Encounters Fact N°1


The oldest, still accessible random encounter in Ylands is this friendly campfire. It stayed with us since Ylands 1.0. Cool, right?


What are Random Encounters?

Hmm... how to put this simply. There are encounters in Ylands and whether it's a native civilization, a shipwreck with a bunch of ghosts and loot, or some fancy monument, they are not easy to find. You kinda just have to wander around the world to randomly encounter them. Also, they are fun! Never forget to mention when something is fun, that is classy adventurer 101 stuff.



Random Random Encounters Fact N°2


With update 2.0 we added 33 RE's! (Yeah, that's random encounters for short.) Also, can you guess why 33? The answer is super obvious and will be revealed by the end of this Diary.


New 2.0 update RE's

There are many new RE's in update 2.0! It would take hours to write and read about those. Luckily, we can't and don't want to spoil all the randomness there, but we can definitely show you at least some of those!

Embalming Temple

It seems that skin care business is having a hard time in Ylands, so we decided to give it a bit of a boost. In Arid you can now find a fella who is embalming the deceased. So, in case you need some skin care, you know where to go.





Random Random Encounters Fact N°3


Did you know that there is a DayZ themed RE to be found? Well, now you do!


Ancient Ruins Encounters

New ancient ruins were discovered in the Tropical region with the update 2.0. They seem to be some kind of blend of eastern islands and Latin American culture. Also, it is said that when the weather is right, lucky explorers can get a glimpse of elemental spirits here!




Random Random Encounters Fact N°4


Yup. That is the number of all active Random Encounters in the world of Ylands. Can you guess why 299? The answer is still obvious, and same as the one to the question before. It's RANDOM! Tadaa.



I hope we all agree that this diary encounter got as arbitrary as it can get but feel free to let your inner randomness loose and post a totally stray comment below and as always, stay classy!

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I'll start right now! Monitors are both lizards and devices, simply mind blowing. 🤯😁

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Did you know that the stone giants you find on adventures are all created and given life by a godly human-like formation? It uses its own matter to shape and birth new stone giants. Legend calls it the Hand of Creation and if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of it in Secret Streamerworld!

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