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Dev Diary #271 Infinite Story Storage

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Ahoy Ylanders!

Today we want to ask you a BIG question. What is REALLY important in Ylands?

Nah. Not important.

Maybe. Let's say, nice to have.

Uh, of course NOT!

"Ships! This must be it. For sure, what can be more important than ships?"
Yes! Ships are cool. BUT! Surprisingly enough, we believe that the answer is stories. Memories that we experienced together with our friends and close ones. Just as in real life!

"One time, when we were testing the game, one of our devs got lost at the sea at night, so others have made her a fire on an yland so she could find the rest of the team. It was scary but then our heroine finally saw a small light. Until the last moment she thought it's other devs, but it turned out it was a random player from Turkey who joined our testing session."
- Aleš, story from our developer's Friday feedback playtime




"I loved that one time when we were streaming with Spectrumnist and encountered even more mutated bears in an ice cave while chatting about Sims 4 challenges and Spec shot me in the head. By accident ofc... That was so funny."
- Anna, and her "ouch" moment also on a video: Highlight: Ylands Update Stream w/ the DEVS! | Chill Stream | (Dec 9, 2022) - Twitch

"Remember that time, when we ran into a terrorbird for the first time and you were so excited to tame it and name it Alyssa, but we couldn't find any bananas anywhere, so we sailed to another yland and got lost in the storm for like 2 hours? You went bananas! XD But you did befriend that terrorbird and now you have bunch of new stories with Alyssa!"
- Patrik, and his could-be-true-if-my-wife-played-Ylands-with-me story as he did look for bananas to tame terrorbird and got lost in the storm just the other day all by himself.




And this is just the tip of an iceberg. See for example the adventures of FluffDaSheep Gaming, there are so many stories in this single video:


That is why we presented the handbook and lore in 2.0 update, and why we want to continue to improve and expand those aspects of Ylands. What about you and your stories? Share them with us right here in the comments! We can't wait to read them all and experience some more together.

See ya and stay classy!

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On the old arctic Locust server ocnog, jrock, me and i think spirit were finishing up a huge build together. It was a bunch of big glass domes with in every one, the plants of each biome. And i remember seeing the sun slowly rising through the glass as we were taking our sweet time landscaping in and around the domes. I couldn't help it but sing the beatles "Here comes the sun" in chat. Then everyone started du du du-ing along. 
Despite we were in the arctic, it was a very warm and endearing moment ❤️ love you guys

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