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2.0.5 Patch Changelog

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  • Loot containers' aren't spawning above or below the player anymore
  • Handbook notifications adjustments
  • The crafting menu now remembers the last selected item
  • Progress on the old version of Mystery Ylands can be restarted


Changelog 2.0.5


[YLD-45213] Fixed: Placing creator blueprints containing custom variables with custum enums should not break editor anymore.
[YLD-45312] Fixed: Loot containers should not spawn inside buildings out of player reach anymore.
[YLD-45316] Fixed: Players should not have problems restarting mystery ylands.
[YLD-45577] Fixed: Several blocks were missing in recipe bundles (algimer, baroque, totem) and should be added to all owners.
[YLD-45424] Fixed: Mobile players in creative should once again have all recipes opened.
[YLD-44507] Fixed: Sale tag in shop is no longer visible when there is no sale at all.
[YLD-45502] Fixed: VS: Client scripts referencing custom functions from different client scripts do not work correctly.
[YLD-45139] Fixed: Editor rotating gizmo should not slow performance anymore.

Fixed: Replaced obsolete painting entities with functional ones in Painting vendor bundle.


[YLD-45234] Added: Handbook indicator will now continuously blink until the player opens the handbook for the first time, making it easier for brand-new players to find the feature.
[YLD-45261] Added: Toggling character panel will now remember the last open character panel and will open that one if it is available.
[YLD-40810] Added: The crafting screen now remembers the last selected recipe and the TAB button should open the last opened window (cube, inventory, crafting).
[YLD-45399] Added: When a player dies in the Adventure, his loot container is visible from a distance.
[YLD-45234] Added: Diary highlights should be more noticeable.
[YLD-45562] Tweaked: Several quests in the tutorial were adjusted or created anew for better understanding (also visuals of texts in the tutorial were polished).
[YLD-45646] Tweaked: Unlocking biomes now require fewer resources - less grinding is needed.
[YLD-45219] Tweaked: Tree stumps HP were increased significantly.

Tweaked: Lowered Resource and Exploration point values required for Region purchases.

Tweaked: Bounds positions for loot container marker snapping.

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Glad that rotation lag in the editor is gone now. Well done Mr.Fluffy and others probably!

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On 6/7/2023 at 11:10 AM, rihapat said:

[YLD-45219] Tweaked: Tree stumps HP were increased significantly.

The bane of my exisistance. 

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