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Old Ylands pictures to Inspire

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Hi guys,

I haven't played Ylands since last Christmas, sadly my once-loyal gaming laptop finally decided to fry itself after about a decade of loyal service! I still maintain a strong online presence within the community however as I strive, work, graft and plead my way into affording a replacement. As I scan through my old uploads, I found a couple of screenshots that I took years ago which I believe really encompasses the spirit of Ylands. I enjoy travelling, trading and engaging with new people, groups and cultures from around the world. Here's but a couple of inspiring pictures that I hope you'll enjoy. =D


*Tribes of the hardy northern isles are a great place for hides, furs and.... snow!



*From the cold north to the hot and sandy eastern lands. Trading in exchange for rare spices and potions.


*My masterpiece project which was to encompass the spirit of Ylands was this ornate grand chamber which would function as a meeting place, and (if possible) the unoffical social hub of the game (Prior to the Explorers Guild being formed)




*Grand hallway


*The roof took approximately 20 hours to assemble manually due to the nature of the panel curves and the lack of sophisticated design tools that Ylands has now.



*My Addermire Institute project. This architectural marvel was based on the building (of the same name) from the video game dishonored. Once complete, it will be blueprinted into the game as an artificial island and my new home base of operations. It will house a library, crafting facilitates, a treasury, greenhouse and other purpose-built areas.

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