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Pretty cool exploration truck

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Since cars are generally pretty useless in this game, I decided to create the ultimate resource-gathering truck. It features a small living space with a bed and stove,  as well as a charging station -- enabling you to mine resources for days on end! The covers on the sides reveal all the storage containers, which amount to a total of 1335 storage slots. I've tried to strike a balance of maximizing storage-space while still being able to target/use each container without too much difficulty. What I'm most pleased about is that it still drives well on rough terrain without looking all too goofy (if the chassis sits too tall, it looks like a buff dude with scrawny legs). It's quite rare that the chassis hits the ground and makes that annoying thumping sound.

Besides this truck, I've also uploaded a bunch of cars and other random stuff to the workshop over the past week or two, so take a look if you're curious! I've tried to price things as low as it will let me (with a couple exceptions).Ylands_230917_165625.thumb.png.e1558e2a6fe761e991151afa40be7417.pngYlands_230917_165940.thumb.png.2aabec89b621b7da709944f1b7c9e3c9.pngYlands_230917_165916.thumb.png.3dfb9c3b53b05598472c6b85ed906e0b.pngYlands_230917_165742.thumb.png.656fc37dfd07bbd5f6c23bfa9cd70f31.pngYlands_230917_165754.thumb.png.3bbf3cf014257203d09e28c02a415f17.pngYlands_230917_165832.thumb.png.94cba3988614057a547f4b5a6111d0fb.png


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