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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #301 Creating Mythical Animals

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Ahoy, Ylanders!

Embark with us on a visual journey into the realm of artistic creation as we unveil the process behind some of the mythical animals in the Ylands universe. Today, we'll delve into the minds of our talented artists: Karel, Filip, and Jakub, as they created the fantastical beings that already inhabit your Ylands experience.


Wooden Golem by Karel

"Research is key to capturing the true essence of the Wooden Golem. I drew inspiration from my favorite Lord of the Rings movie, blending majestic and dangerous Ents with dumb and heavy Trolls. The challenge was to strike a balance between enchanting and mysterious, ensuring these creatures seamlessly meld into the forest landscapes our players will explore."



Stormfeathered Banty by Filip

"Creating the Stormfeathered Banty was a challenge. I immersed myself in the world of flying beasts, drawing inspiration from our animator Matej and his pet hen, as well as the old Mayan kingdom. It's fascinating how ordinary animals and tribal art can breathe life into these mythical creatures."



Emerald Scaleneck and White Burroworill by Jakub

"When thinking of Emerald Scaleneck and White Burroworill, I drew my inspiration from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail (easter egg) and the TV series Dinosaurs. Incorporating these comical ideas into these mythical creatures added an otherworldly dimension. It's amazing how a blend of fantasy world, funny animals, and artistic interpretation can create creatures that feel both cute and captivating."












A heartfelt thank you to Karel, Filip, and Jakub for offering us a glimpse into the creative process that births these mythical creatures! For a deeper dive into our artistic endeavors, don't forget to explore our art developer diary in the future. Share your thoughts on these extraordinary creations, and until our next artistic revelation...

Stay Classy!

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The emerald scaleneck certainly has a resemblance to Frances from the Dinosaurs show, it makes so much sense now 🤣 Just need red eyes on the burrowdrill and it would be the rabbit of Caerbannog.

The stormfeathered banty is so cute, can't wait to see it in-game! 🐤

If only the golems could be tamed/passive, I'd love to have them roam my forest gardens.

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