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Nikki Severin

2.2.1 Patch Changelog

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  • Tech Tree - When you select a known recipe in the Tech Tree, it will now also be selected in the crafting menu.
  • Continue on your Adventure - Some of you who skipped the last two updates couldn't continue playing. Not anymore!
  • Handbook Rewards - Some players didn't receive their rewards during multiplayer gameplay, but now they will have them back.
  • Elmwood's outpost - A few Ylanders had their progress in this story Yland restarted; we have reverted it.
  • Low memory optimization - You might have experienced a crash on Crimson Shores Yland - this issue is now fixed.


[YLD-50689] Fixed: Handbook rewards: Collectibles rewards can be claimed for clients again. Affected players will receive all rewards they should have gotten after the loading of exploration map.

[YLD-50630] Fixed: Reduced memory consumed by lights shadow maps to manageable amount.

[YLD-50644] Fixed: Exploration map compatibility issues for saves made in before 1.10.

[YLD-50645] Fixed: Editor: Freeze when you start PC only empty world.

[YLD-50666] Fixed: Editor: Custom transactions in scenarios without gameset/scenario data never finished, always resulted in refund.

[YLD-50674] Fixed: Editor: Is group tile does not work correctly in custom tools when you provide them anything else than Group/Entity/Game logic.

Fixed: Entity thumbnails in inventory can sometimes disappear or get switched with different ones.



Tweaked: Improved readability of table view.

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