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RESOLVED [YLD-7876] Colours on compositions


Hi all,

So I built a ship in the editor and painted it navy grey, all worked well, saved the ship as a composition file, all worked well.

I then created a new explore mode game, loaded back to the menu, then loaded that game in to the editor.

I then pasted in my ship composition, however, the navy grey colours that I had set to it, and that show up on it pre-spawn (the preview), become randomised when I spawn it in to the world.

By randomised, I mean they are any odd colour combination it feels like.

I repeated the process, and this time, with a new explore mode game save, the colours were different!

I repeated the process several more times, each time I create a new explore mode save game, it spawns in with a new set of colours.

If I spawn it in, then delete it, and spawn it in again, it is the same random colour for each map - almost like the explore mode save is choosing the colours!

Hope this helps and it can be resolved, as my navy grey ship, doesn't look so good as bright red, pink and brown! 

I can film a video if needed, the ship is on the workshop otherwise.

*** Edit ***

Okay so, it seems that, if I spawn in the composition in a new editor scenario (not an explore mode) - it spawns in with no paint at all, except for the original large ship that I built it on.

Further still, it only seems to spawn in correctly, on the very same scenario that I built it on - suggesting that the paint colours are being stored in the scenario, and not the composition file, thus it going haywire as soon as these two factors are separated.

*** Edit ***

Another possible contributing factor, the original ship was a composition created by my other account! I just noticed. Only the Large Ship object itself is showing up as under that account, the rest is showing up under this account.

Making a video to explain this better.

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