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Daniel Lohne

Idea: Flying ships/Islands ? Suggestions




1# Once you've mastered ships with several players without bugs, make an endgame content that requires a flying ship to reach (you can't fly that high with the potion of flight or propeller backpack! The ship has to be very hard to aquire (Magic sails maybe?) and a special magic ingredient that requires you to kill several bosses on all the different islands. One of the ingredients are located in a tall mountain snow biome that gets super cold with lots of Wolves :D

Once you have the ship, you can reach the islands in the sky, which has new bosses, better loot and new biomes with magic unicorns!


2# Make the chain saw chop down trees on click and not on hold so you dont have to hold it down. It gets really tiresome, and feels a bit pointless.

3# Make it so you can loot while holding down so you dont have to click over 9000 times.

4# Add a destroy button to items that can break, and make it destroyable with the use of one mouse click. Clearing Inventory takes way too much time!

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