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Found 4 results

  1. Et3rna11yD3ad

    More Viking Details

    Having a lot of pirate themed stuff is fun, but once being a pirate was achieved I remembered vikings were a thing! I would love to see more viking themed items in the game. Banners, flags, armour, weapons, tools, and most importantly a long viking like ship. I'd love to see viking style horses too, just to spruce up the already there horses and give them a new look, I mean like Shire or Clydesdale horses. (and as a mini idea for horses, maybe add a super rare all white or all black unicorn?)
  2. I had an idea and i thought i should share it with you, so have you thought the possibility of combining Creative mode with the Editor Mode into Multi player ? For example server has editor open and others can either join in the editor or switch roles and go close up in the creative mode.
  3. 1# Once you've mastered ships with several players without bugs, make an endgame content that requires a flying ship to reach (you can't fly that high with the potion of flight or propeller backpack! The ship has to be very hard to aquire (Magic sails maybe?) and a special magic ingredient that requires you to kill several bosses on all the different islands. One of the ingredients are located in a tall mountain snow biome that gets super cold with lots of Wolves Once you have the ship, you can reach the islands in the sky, which has new bosses, better loot and new biomes with magic unicorns! 2# Make the chain saw chop down trees on click and not on hold so you dont have to hold it down. It gets really tiresome, and feels a bit pointless. 3# Make it so you can loot while holding down so you dont have to click over 9000 times. 4# Add a destroy button to items that can break, and make it destroyable with the use of one mouse click. Clearing Inventory takes way too much time!
  4. drymelon

    DayZ exchange program?

    The hour in the trial was nice, it convinces me there is quite a bit of content here albeit overwhelming in the plainly presented yet branching crafting system. Being presented with the opportunity to build big ass boats has me excited but it seems a bit off there in the progression of things, basic quality of life survival items like torches seem lost on me. Like how the crafting option for the flint tool to start fires only appears if you have two pieces of flint. However I do suppose later on there would be more of a tutorial like introduction when you load up your first game of exploration. What would be very nice is if I could exchange one early access Bohemia game for another!