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YouTube Live Streams

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Do you watch live streams?

I've been working on a hobby project over the passed few weeks - a streaming website written in PHP / HTML / CSS / JS / MySQL and utilising the YouTube Data API v3 for the content.

Check it out if you're interested, or nosy about what's going on right now somewhere in the world - or anything else that people stream these days haha! (kittens, bears, the planet, you name it!)

The website is https://StreamTube.LIVE - check it out!

Some preview images of finding a Ylands live stream and some of the features! -


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Nice work! no seriously takes time and dedication to get it right.

I will say though, Ive never been a fan on YouTube live streams.. but more of a twitch viewer.. It just has more options ...

The way things are going with YouTube atm is well.. not a good outlook.

May i suggest make it view able with multi platforms that way your not limiting it to just YouTube.

I just have a hunch YouTube might not be around in a few years time.


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