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  1. Hello, Today I noticed that the healing wounds ability is not really working. I have made a sorrel poultice, which usually works at a slower rate but none of my hearts gained any healing. Then I created normal band aids but those did not move my hearts either. I also ate various items, which use to slowly move your hearts back up, but still nothing. Not sure if this is a healing wound issue or heart update issue. Nikki
  2. NIKKI_M

    Wooden/ Stone Spade

    These are my thoughts exactly!
  3. NIKKI_M

    Wooden/ Stone Spade

    Hey, I'd like to suggest the ability to make a wooden spade. I just created a second character to view the new updates and because my first character was so far into the game with getting into the iron age of crafting tools, I noticed as the beginner new character with wood and stone that its not an option to craft a wood or stone spade. This would be so helpful as you are starting on your first Yland and trying to create a "home base". I noticed after a while you unlock the ability to create a wooden shovel, which is great for smoothing the land to build on flat surfaces. Having a wooden spade in the beginning would be helpful in other areas. Just a suggestion, I know you get the crafting ability once you find and learn iron recipes. Thanks! Loving the game! Nik_Nack