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  1. Brbrmensch

    1.5: Enhancing Exploration

    checked update, got surprised you can ride and pet wolves, made a ship, lost my wolf mid journey. why did i allow this game to hurt me once more
  2. Brbrmensch

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    if the water update didn't bring back water physics there's no hope to get any exploration from explore update
  3. Brbrmensch

    We want old ylands back. Fix exploration

    even though i completely understand the fact that it's not my game, this is suggestion thread. also i spent around 10$ for the game that i no longer have. so devs had chosen to move from exploration game to mini game platform. they spent a lot of time making their own script editor and now they don't even use it to bring exploration to at least the level it was around 0.6 version with main problem being the mobile platform which isn't supposed to have explore in the first place. the magic circle
  4. Brbrmensch

    Consider turning this ship around

    hey redeagle, i'm happy that you spoke up about how much devs screwed up with the game. (and by devs i mean leading team, cuz although the game itself was janky at all times, it's the direction the game was led to failed the most) however i do think that it's severely late. players may come to game at any time, but they won't stay and leave because this is a unity mobile game
  5. Brbrmensch

    1.3: Watery Water

    water update and still no water physics. will it ever come back to the game?
  6. Brbrmensch

    1.1: Eastern Endeavors

    oh that's what i thought of when i read about soils, good you checked that @Adam Snellgrove can you say realistically when will ylands be feature complete?
  7. Brbrmensch

    some fighting mechanic questions

    thank you so much, @Igor Q.! 1. so with this i got stuck with the issue that i can't seem to affect bots, i successfully got your log going, but i also added set velocity (0,10,0) for both target and trigger entity (just to see the actual script working), and it only worked on me (trigger entity). is that because bots\npcs are different entities than players? 2. yeah, the "friendly fire" option i mentioned was of course in team, not in role, with value set to 0 it's still possible 3.5. oh, i tried to disable it by selecting special bind, but with variable it worked. great!
  8. Brbrmensch

    some fighting mechanic questions

    1. kinda got stuck on basic stuff, like how to make an "on damage trigger" tried to make it with event listener with "entity on entity damage" event, but i didn't even get how to start anything inside it's script (on damage doesn't seem to do anything and there's no "on trigger" option) 2. how does "friendly fire" option work on roles? made an aggressive bot and myself with the same roles and it still damages me 3. how to make custom attacks? figured about custom keybinds, found how to trigger them (with event listener), figured how to make effects, but i didn't find how to add attack itself to it 3.5. also didn't quite figured out how to make cooldown to action - tried to disable script or keybind, but it just didn't seem to work
  9. if you didn't realize, the point is that devs make ylands not only the game, but the platform where you script another game yourself instead. which means that focus is split and players get neither. at least that's what we can observe so far
  10. make a raft and go to another yland, what's the problem? wasn't it always not respawnable?
  11. go to merchant offer anything set auto balance button (or however it's called ) see gold being added from npc's offer trade get no gold in that trade
  12. don't know if that'd help, those are from the game when it was happening output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. i've encountered this while building a ship in a multiplayer game so other than that: 1 craft some building blocks, like bamboo 1x2x4 blocks 2 start building them on a ship 3 when you get to last one, it will say "-bamboo block" and will not put it where you told it to it also happened to me when i was trying to put torch stand on raft
  14. 2 players, i hosted, crash is consistent online, happens if we move somewhere [from specific places] on a ship, doesn't seem to happen when i move a little alone [and my friend connects later], maybe it has to do something that other player has farther draw distance for some reason, but i'm not sure. also i don't know where crash log is stored, it's not present in appdata, docs or game files
  15. yesterday i wanted to come here to tell how much i enjoyed the update, but the play session was stopped by crash (m2 players, i hosted, crash is consistent online, happens if we move somewhere [from specific places] on a ship, doesn't seem to happen when i do it alone [and my friend connects later], maybe it has to do something that other player has farther draw distance for some reason) also there's still that amazing bug that does not allow you to build a block if it's last in your inventory (blocks of different materials and can't even put lantern or torch stand), so it seem to only affect placing stuff from inventory, as we managed to put mast and doors