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    Account linking issue - names

    And I been here since Friday Night, just after it was first reported I am in the list from post count one in this topic, still waiting for my name...
  2. zalzany

    Account linking issue - names

    So when I can I expect my name then? I just log in every day now and try to take Zalzany and it says taken... Goody I will post my email pretty sure I linked this account I am posting with right now to it, blanman7@hotmail.com That email always has mountain of spam in spam folder anyways...
  3. Sigh here it is Monday was hoping some kind of news... Oh check back tomorrow don't like this sin't in the unresolved pile though
  4. Thanks for reminding us why steam forums are worse. It has be Monday because they don't have enough to work weekends. Its not a big deal I mean I would like to play this weekend but I got work so I just dink around on My Time At Portia that just updated yesterday as well while I wait. And you bought an EA game if you didn't realize you would be reporting bugs, and not playing the full game for months if not a year or two that is all on you, unless steams EA warning in your native language is badly translated. This kind of thing is status norm for EA gaming its kind of what you sign up for when you buy one...
  5. Just linked it today, didn't even know it was an option till today.
  6. Here is a new one, creating a char, then linking your account to main website will erase your character, then tell you your name is taken.. If i could have more then one I would take another and just get back Zalzany later but if its one name for all servers I want my original name I would picked a name I hate to see like JohnyDeppXxX or something weird if I knew I could lock out a name forever with out actually using it lol
  7. Same created a char fine linked account now its reset my char and telling me Zalzany is already in use... Whole point of my name is its never taken now I took my own name, I want it back...
  8. zalzany

    Sneak Peek #51

    Exactly I mean I got cheap like 50 buck phone not even online 99% of the time and I just hopped on wifi long enough to install steam guard app, and set it up, bam don't even need net so it doesn't eat up my cheapo battery life just go to the phone app, it tells me I can't see my online friends list I touch thing in upper left tell it steam guard it shows me the password that is generated every few seconds to type. Done. I mean you can do this with a phone from Walmart worth like 20 bucks doesn't even need to be hooked up to a phone service. Literally just needs to work, and hook up to ANY free wifi. My cousins son and daughter got his old android phones no service at all they just use free wifi that is all over the place, heck even waterpark has it now, and log into xbox or steam messenger to talk to him instead of pay the fee for them to have an actual phone line lol. As for greifing this has nothing to do at all with what it allows you to do or not. Learn your basic terms please, exploiting is doing something your not suppose to be able to do, but find a work around greifing can be anything, and there is no real way to stop it. Why do people try this lame argument all the time just because you can do it doesn't make it right. I can run red lights and speed in a school zone in some places and never get caught, I know where most he local cops a near me, as well as what intersections don't have red light cameras, but doesn't mean its legal for me to do it. I still obey the laws in those areas even if there is a slim to none chance I will get caught. People these days morals just scares me. I mean this is why we get a notice saying "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" because sure I got freedom of speech, but I agreed to rules one being nice and civil here on this forum, and they enforce said rules. Same thing online just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should, this is why I hate "official" servers people treat it like a no rules playground if it was legit why are you guys changing your name 30 times? Why is it the devs are now linking your name to your steam accounts? Obviously your "its lets me do it, so its intended" excuse doesn't work at all. But hey go do that in other games it will take a few days maybe a week if its popular game but you will get banned on officials, and with this games pop you may get banned faster as I am sure once this goes live their will be a flood of reports of griefers and hopefully some one on standby for it ready to investigate and pull out the ban hammer, to remind you guys the internet is not public, it may be an open to public server but its private owned, its like a gas station parking lot, you think because its outside you can do what you want but its private property they allow you to use, but have the right to arrest or ban you from the property, but in this example you can sit on the side walk that is public till a loitering call is put in.