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  1. NobleKillalot

    RESOLVED Broken Ship

    i have a few times (not every time) started my world and to my suprise my pristine ship are in a broken state. That in combined with that "wierd respawning / teleporting after the update" bug makes going in to just build abit on my mansion kinda annoying.
  2. NobleKillalot

    Transport Animals?

    that sound awsome cant wait. thanks
  3. NobleKillalot

    Transport Animals?

    dont know where to put this question but. Is there no way to transport your animals to another realm/map/world what ever its called, been trying all day.
  4. NobleKillalot

    RESOLVED cant play together with my girlfriend

    So we can't start a new together anymore? I need to build a boat and sail to her. thanks!! we can see each others ylands now but if i went to pick her up and we sail together to a new map would she spawn in her own instance alone in the ocean and will i spawn on my boat in a different map?
  5. We have played together before 1.6 but on the new exploration mode. but when the new update came we decided to start over and redo everything. but now i cant invite her and she cant find me in the list of servers. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. NobleKillalot

    Account linking issue - names

    Noblekillalot is the name that want that was taken from me and my mail is tim_sjoberg91@hotmail.com
  7. When i wrote this it was the first time i liked my account and created a character.
  8. Not a huge problem but created a character with the name i always uses but then i linked my account and that character is gone but that name is taken. want my name back.