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  1. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #183 Grateful Experimentation

    Thanks for the info @bobo198312 and @ocnoglittle!
  2. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #183 Grateful Experimentation

    Was wandering if you would do a beta for 1.7 would love to check out, and future updates as well! I have done the beta for past updates too.
  3. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #182 Mystery Competition

    Will we have to start over our progression because of the update?
  4. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

    It's been fun having you as our community manager Adam! May the wind be in your favor on your new adventure!
  5. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    I'm going to hate it when the perfectly balanced and Awesome but not Over Powered Propeller pack is taken away from me :(
  6. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    Will we have to use the workstation anytime we want to build? If you wanted to expand the tech tree a chain saw or a Item vacuum cleaner/ shop vac type thing to pick up things or harvest with would be cool.
  7. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #122 - New Rideable Animals

    Will there be saddles for them at some point? I wana ride a woolly rhino into the sunset. @bojo2736 The answer is probably No ?
  8. SweetPeaCC

    Share A Screen Shot

  9. SweetPeaCC

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    I really Love this game, and want to see it become a huge success. All those issues RedEagle pointed out are in the way of Ylands success.
  10. SweetPeaCC

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    That's my husband in the photo. :) My in game name is SweetPeaCC.
  11. SweetPeaCC

    Contest Screenshot Contest + Guidelines

    I was sent here by P1, and well here's my submissions.
  12. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #81

    Will explore maps from 0.12 and older still work after the 0.13 update? Can't wait to see the new terrain generation for my self!
  13. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #75

    With all this social stuff gearing up, is there plans for Official Explore servers coming back to use said friends with? With separate PVP and PVE servers? Will we be able to have many clans or sub clans?
  14. SweetPeaCC

    Dev Diary #74

    This up date has been fun really enjoying many of the improvements. Even with the server issues. I do miss the cursor dot, but it was not much help when planting crops. I would love to be able to craft pizza in explore! Maybe even dare I say it Pineapple pizza! Would also like to see more plants like bell pepper, onion, garlic, and tomato and citrus and apple trees in the game too! Are there any plans for more feminine clothing options like dresses and high heels?
  15. SweetPeaCC

    DEV ANSWER All servers having connection issues

    I am also having issues with connecting with Yland muilt player servers. End up sitting on the recalling buildings loading page at 100%. When I task manager to see whats going on some times a Unity Crash Manager is running too. It happens on P1 servers and other random explore servers I check out. Single player is fine tho. Its all on maps I have been on before, some were pre 0.12. some are post 0.12 with new map. Was on for a little bit lodged out or so I though and could not join again after. Have checked integrity of the game files and restarted steam multiple times, does not help. Some one said that it was a " ylands server software issue"