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  1. Hi All, I hope you guys are doing fine. My problem is, ........................Im using iron armor, and wanted to equip guardian armor. When right click at any armor to equip, the screen will freeze and took a while to load. Is this normal or my pc? Thanks
  2. burzummy

    Sneak Peek #60

    Thats what we called User Experience
  3. burzummy

    Account linking issue - names

    why it says account ready to be linked?
  4. About to ask, how to add the save game files? I am at server NA 45 and PA 1 that freezing screen occur.
  5. burzummy

    PA Server 1 Down

    Dont forget to stop by at the fisherman hut at PA1.
  6. burzummy

    A Canoo

    Hello Ylanders, Ylands is much more fun play with friends and make new friends. Solve problem together, build castle, harbour and roleplay games. We wish we have a canoo.
  7. burzummy

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Recognize This somewhere?
  8. burzummy

    Tailor Sign Shop

    Hi Devs!. I enjoy alot playing Ylands. One of the official server almost have everything, castle, port, fishing hut, tower. made by player. can add 1 asset tailor sign. simple but yeah...haha
  9. Hi Devs, It is possible to have some kind of a bell? so that player know someone is visiting his house for example. or knocking the door. i dont know, you guys are more creative.
  10. burzummy

    Daily Screenshot Thread

  11. burzummy

    Multiplayer issues

    Hi Anne, Ive played on one of the official server. The longer i play the lag is becoming massive. I am pretty sure im not planting to many plantation in my barier. However, the game is becoming lag. First time i play at the server the ping status is awesome 11.ms. after a week, now becoming 25+ ms..It is really ruining my experience. Do i need to attach the log for ya?
  12. Hi, I was creating my ship placing block and suddenly im stuck at the mass sail. So output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txtwhat i did was press /unstuck 0. Then the game load back, then my ship went missing. Cant see the ship.
  13. burzummy

    Navigate by the stars

    is there any chance to navigate by the stars at night?
  14. burzummy

    Navigate by the stars

    I've tried see all the stars, not all....sort of. As you can see cluttered stars together. however the search fail, just end of the map...it is interesting if we can have that small details in the future
  15. burzummy

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Small Cabin, chillin
  16. Hi All, Im not sure whats happening, i log out i remember on the ship standing. Using unstuck 1 not working as well Helpoutput_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txt
  17. Hi Ane, Please find attached files for your perusal. Thanks output_log_clean.txtoutput_log.txt
  18. burzummy

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    On official server. keep it simple. Explore!
  19. Hmm, how to attached it? im totally new...
  20. Very true..the longer you stay in the game the longer it takes to equip the clothes. Roughly 53 sec need to wait. i put it on a timer