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  1. Hi, There is a small issue that whenever a boat gets hit with a cannon ball then the boat goes crazy and shoots skyhigh into the air and practically flies off 😅 Also the "Aim Turret" tile doesnt seem to get the exact position of the boat and more than often the cannon overshoots it. So if there is a small fix for that then i would appreciate that. Thanks
  2. Fompster_P1

    Questions About Scripting

    Hi I just have a few questions about scripting in Ylands which I couldn't figure out on my own. Maybe some of you have already figured this out. Is there an easier way to add multiple items into an array other than stacking tiles on top of each other like this? Does it reduce performance or override the storage in any way when I use "add storage" tile on an entity which already has a storage? And finally is there a way to either change the background or position of the UI within the script itself? Thanks in advance
  3. @RedEagle_P1. check this
  4. Hi, I am not completely sure what the cause of this was, but I had a editor map where I placed a few logics (time trigger, global storage and 2 player roles to be exact) and then removed all of them afterwards so that I had a bare map left over. However, now whenever I test the scenario without fail I get this error message on my loading screen: Everything still seems to work normally on the map, it is just a bit odd. Here is the map: GUI_ERROR.yland.zip Thanks
  5. I was thinking that too, but the whole plant dissapears when you collect it All done
  6. I have been trying to teleport players when they touch the water with the "on swim start" event listener but instead it breaks the swimming animation. I have also checked the position of the player when they are swimming and added a lever which also outputs the position and they do not match. You can see on the map what I've been trying to do. WATER_TEST.yland_2(1).zip Thanks
  7. How come it works for the collect event?
  8. It seems to be everything on the "on pick" event although the exact same script works for the collect On a related note, I have been trying to teleport players when they touch the water with the "on swim start" event listener but instead it breaks the swimming feature and I think it is also related to the wrong positioning. You can see on the map what I've been trying to do. WATER_TEST.yland_2.zip
  9. Fompster_P1

    Dev Diary #75

    Is there an estimated time for when the water terrain tool will come back? Will there be an easier way to collaborate with other people on the editor - maybe even being able to do real time building in the editor?
  10. I am curious what you will come up with in a couple of days, so it is a yes from me 😛 @Zen Billy those pictures look cool! Keep it up
  11. Fompster_P1

    Music Albums worth listening to

    Yup, thats the one 😛 That video is actually blocked for me, so I usually listen to it here
  12. Fompster_P1

    Music Albums worth listening to

    Im a huge sucker for any of Ludovico Einaudi's pieces and I would say that I have listened to the album "In a Time Lapse" the most out of all of them by a mile
  13. Hey all, So I have been struggling with this problem where I have created an instruction which checks a player's inventory for a specific item (Ingredient) and then spawns a food item (Dish) in the player's inventory, however, I am not able to successfully spawn the item into the player's inventory. The problem lies in the "Dish" variable since I keep on getting this error message when I use it. However, when I replace the "Dish" variable with the "PIZZA" entity (first picture, bottom of "Dish") then everything works perfectly but "Dish" is already equal to the "PIZZA" entity. Could anyone possibly explain why it isn't working and whether I have overlooked something or if this could potentially be a Ylands bug? Thanks!
  14. Fompster_P1

    Dev Diary #68

    Will we be able to import our own sounds effects in the future?
  15. Sounds very fun too bad I don't have the time to join right now 😢 Good luck to everyone!