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  1. I am curious what you will come up with in a couple of days, so it is a yes from me 😛 @Zen Billy those pictures look cool! Keep it up
  2. Fompster_P1

    Music Albums worth listening to

    Yup, thats the one 😛 That video is actually blocked for me, so I usually listen to it here
  3. Fompster_P1

    Music Albums worth listening to

    Im a huge sucker for any of Ludovico Einaudi's pieces and I would say that I have listened to the album "In a Time Lapse" the most out of all of them by a mile
  4. Fompster_P1

    Dev Diary #68

    Will we be able to import our own sounds effects in the future?
  5. Sounds very fun too bad I don't have the time to join right now 😢 Good luck to everyone!
  6. Fompster_P1

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    Wow! That looks very photo realistic 😍
  7. Fompster_P1

    Brand New Game: JUGGERNAUT!

    And if you forget how to play the game, or are just confused about the rules, then you can always head over to the instruction panel. The map is also big enough so that it will be fun and playable with a maximum of 16 players for the upcoming update 😁 Here are also some more screenshots of the arena... Thanks for the amazing comments 😊
  8. Fompster_P1

    Brand New Game: JUGGERNAUT!

    Lately P1 has been working on something special… After a whole lot of hair pulling and sleepless nights, we have managed to create a truly AMAZING game! @RedEagle_P1., @Oliver Hope, @MyPa553ng3r_P1 and myself have worked very hard to produce BattleDroids: Juggernaut which is a game orientated around the idea that the players are bots living inside a computer. So what is it? The aim of the game is to have the longest period of time as the juggernaut by shooting the player in red. By being “it” you get multiple perks such as getting a faster reload time and all the attention from the players 😛 . You are able the get more points by destroying the blue bots whilst being the juggernaut and the rest of the players work together to eliminate them. However, if you are not “it” and shoot your bot pals, you lose points so you better be a good team-mate 😉. If you want to be a part of our projects or just chill and play Ylands with us then join our discord https://discord.gg/cf6FCWA 😁
  9. Hey, I don't know if this has already been said but when you press control and double click the undo button then you loose the ability to click on the screen, however, you are still able to use the keys and move around. Only way to fix it is to force the game to shut down
  10. Fompster_P1

    What's your experience with P1 so far?

    As you can see by my username I am part of P1 Nonetheless I’ve been with P1 for about half a year now, and it is a HUGE community. Even now I have only met a small portion of the people that make up the clan, but they are all there for a similar reason as I am, to have fun whilst being online. Also considering this connected world that we live in, you play with people all over the world (sometimes even on the other side of the globe!) and P1 accepts everyone ranging from those that speak very little English to people who are fluent in 5 or so languages! In a nutshell P1 is a cosy virtual home
  11. Hi, Whenever I am working with small objects or I want to do some precise building then I come across the issue that I can't see what I'm doing due to the small GUI box being in the way. First of all is there a way to turn it off? And if you can't, can this feature please be added in the next update? Thanks!
  12. Fompster_P1

    What languages do you speak?

    English, Russian, Dutch and learned German in school but I'm not as fluent in it as the others
  13. Fompster_P1

    What are you playing this weekend?

    I'm currently replaying the Real Myst Masterpiece edition but they recently put up all their games for sale so someday I'm going to have a Myst marathon
  14. Fompster_P1

    What are you playing this weekend?

    Gonna try and finish off Myst, love the story and the graphics
  15. Fompster_P1

    "ladder cant be used"

    Someone else mentioned it in another post and it was apparently due to there not being enough space at the top