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  1. I was hoping to start a new map on a server, but "export to local" is missing from the editor menu. There are only three options now, export for workshop, optimize, and show workshop files. The current map on the server was created in April and works fine in 0.14. Is there a new way of exporting a map? Or maybe I'm just overlooking something simple. Thank you!
  2. ike_d

    Map view in editor

    That sounds really cool, a great idea even if it is slow. Is there no function call to fill in the map at specific coordinates for a specific player? In game it's only by discovery, what if you wanted to share the location of an island as a reward, to get players off the starting island, etc.?
  3. ike_d

    Map view in editor

    Thank you, that's what I'd concluded as well. The coordinate system starts at 0,0. Are negative values left/down from there or left/up? Thank you
  4. ike_d

    Map view in editor

    Hello, I'm rather new to the editor. For a new map using the Explore template, is there a way to see the entire map and all islands similar to the in-game map? I know I can move to each island and I see coordinates, maybe I could generate one myself if I understood the coordinate system. Thank you!
  5. ike_d

    Coconut Radio

    I'm just voicing my support for this idea!
  6. ike_d

    Dev Diary #53

    By chance do you have another controller plugged into your machine? I had a similar problem, but in game not using any editors. I unplugged my G27 wheel and it stopped.
  7. This has a simple solution, I'm sharing to help anyone else. Once in a game, the view immediately moves to directly overhead and starts spinning around the character. Moving the mouse works, but the camera is always pulled back to directly overhead and starts spinning again. It took a while to figure out, but it turned out to be due to having a wheel (Logitech G27) plugged in. Once unplugged it works fine. I didn't try modifying any controls settings, that may be a solution as well. I use keyboard and mouse.