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  1. Harry Pines

    Warship Castilla

    Hopefully not Necro-posting, but I I finally caught some notifications in my inbox and released a version into the current workshop with the game-breaking elements removed and the items stripped down for players' own adventures. the bark wasn't perfect as I don't really have the time to get back into Ylands at the moment, but hopefully, it's something for people to enjoy!
  2. Harry Pines

    ship stuff by zarwil

    I can't speak for zarwil, however, we had a furnished frigate in the works but an update broke some of the saves, Without a mirror tool there's a lot of tedium involved and it's up to him to find the time to make a hull.
  3. Harry Pines

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    Hold on a second, I wasn't supposed to be able to add scripts and features to my ships? I was under the impression that people were supposed to load the blueprint in to get it in the first place?
  4. Harry Pines

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 3

    wait what! I didn't even enter!, I was just showing off the sun I'll still take my prize ?
  5. Harry Pines

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

    Ah Yes, How I have missed that sun
  6. I am tired of trying to use the move and rotate tool on a selected object only for it to instead select another object and drag it somewhere else. the system works fine when you are far away from the object but as soon as you try to make some fine adjustments you are s**t out of luck
  7. Harry Pines

    Warship Castilla

    happy to help since they don't make it clear. jump into the editor in-game, go to compositions, click the downloaded tab and the "get compositions" then just search it and download from there!
  8. Harry Pines

    Warship Castilla

    thank you! now if only we had attachable rowboats!
  9. here are some big ones, 1. you can't animate objects on ships as reference points don't stay with them nor do they respect move command and instead move to the map position (not the position grid on the ship) 2. trying to move a block on a ship (using the planar move tool) when too close will instead select and move the block your mouse is over. The same happens on the rotate tool and makes it near impossible to fine tune larger compositions. 3. hitbox selection will randomly move two feet to the right, to select one block you might have to look at the ones next to it. 4. groups can no longer be made on ships. 5. using the lock and unlock script command will not trigger lock unlock event starts on the respective entity but using the damage command will. 6. sometimes when returning to the editor from a test game, pressing V will no longer allow for fine adjustment and it will be impossible to go into free placing mode and the only solution is to abandon editor game (logging does not fix) 7. when duplicating a selection of blocks, some of the blocks that make up the selection will double dupe and you won't find them until you paint. 8. getting up from chairs will sometimes teleport you to the floor above 9. when on a ship, if an iron rod, pole or other small item obstructs your view, every noncontainer/furniture will turn invisible until you move the camera. 10. broken helm is actually bigger than ship helm. 11. lit stove turns nearby bread to ash. 12. points of interest are not generated in explore maps from the editor but are from the main menu.
  10. Harry Pines

    Warship Castilla

    Thank you for your kind words. I'd love to see a Napoleonic frigate from you!
  11. Harry Pines

    Detailed Sailing Ship 1+2, Electric Boogaloo

    the time has come to share her with the world! link to dedicated community page:
  12. Harry Pines

    Warship Castilla

    --------------------------------------------------------------------- LINK TO ASSET: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/1213 PICS AT THE BOTTOM: LINK TO DEVELOPMENT DIARY AND FIRST SHIP: -------------------------------------------------------------------- After more than a month of work. She's finally ready to share in her first rendition! She has 2 decks, 32 guns, scripted cannon fire, survival friendly reloading, and even a rangefinder (in more detail below)! Comes fully equipped with : Rigging with double stacked sails ( 2 masts for the price of one!) Saloon with kitchen, Fore + Aft Storage, Fully stocked armory, Furnished gun deck, and Captains Quarters. a ton of code! Don't hesitate to leave feedback. This isn't the final version, just the first I am comfortable sharing! ------------------------------------------------------------ THE TECH ----------------------------------------------------------- There are 4 mechanics built into the ship. 1) Broadside, at the pull of the lever she will fire that side in a full secession! the shots are delayed slightly for each gun, this is mostly based on more realistic engagements against moving targets but this can, of course, be changed in the script. 2) Reloading system: simply place cannonballs in the pictured chest and the cannons will consume however many they need to load themselves with. Be sure to keep extras in there as they will try to reload themselves after you let off a broadside! RELOAD DEMO: (note the long range on left lever, close range on the right side) 3) Rangefinder: Two modes. first is a standard flat plane. use it for closer engagements. the upper cannons have been aimed up ever so slightly to match the range of the main guns. thus they will all hit a concentrated point! The latter is a long-range Arc. Use it to scare off your enemies from afar or even shell a yland from the safety of the water! SHORT DEMO: LONG DEMO: ------------------------------------------------------------ PICTURES ----------------------------------------------- ------------
  13. Harry Pines

    ship stuff by zarwil

    loving these beautiful hulls!
  14. Harry Pines

    Detailed Sailing Ship 1+2, Electric Boogaloo

    sadly despite getting cannon recoil working on the ground, there seems to be no way to implement it on ships at the moment. Instead, I went about finishing the interior. Note the special cannonball chest with the protruding machinery.
  15. Harry Pines

    Detailed Sailing Ship 1+2, Electric Boogaloo

    code progress! the cannon rangefinder now works perfectly and the hassle of reloading has been replaced with a chest! now all you have to do is place your balls in the box and whenever a broadside is fired, a few moments later all the cannons will reload with however many you placed in there. the saloon has been converted into a proper kitchen and I'll have the remaining interior done soon, next up, cannon recoil!