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  1. I have the same bug, found sub and key....does not work with tower sphere. Can you help me out please?
  2. I am going to send it to you personally via messaging, I do not want my ship used by others. So please look out for it in your messages. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for your input but... Locking the rooms/areas on a ship does not do any good if people can get to the boxes through the walls. That is what I am getting at. My security is tighter than Fort Knox when it comes to MP. I don't trust people.
  4. On a ship, if you have a wall, window, etc. and you have your chests, boxes, wheel, etc. anything really near a wall you can use, you can access it through said wall or window. I have recalled, respawned, turn on and off build mode...issue still persists and its one every ship I have built. I am unsure if this issue is the same on land. Attached are small snips of the issue. This issue is probably keeping many away from going to MP game maps, I know that it is keeping me from going.