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  1. Kysen

    YLANDS Let's Play Series

    Episode 3: Storage
  2. Kysen

    YLANDS Let's Play Series

    Oh cool I'm going to try that right now!
  3. Kysen

    YLANDS Let's Play Series

    I actually saw that after the episode when I was playing around off cam lol Oh well, the swimming probably did me good
  4. Kysen

    YLANDS Let's Play Series

    Episode 2: Exploring! Now on my channel
  5. Kysen


    Yes I would love to once you have it set up! And thank you!
  6. Kysen

    YLANDS Let's Play Series

    Thank you Igor :) glad you liked it. Episode 2 will be live in my channel in just under 12 hours from now. I’ve started a club on here and I have a discord server, if you’d like to join either let me know :)
  7. Kysen

    YLANDS Let's Play Series

    Thanks Suuki, great to see you hear! You should stream some YLands yourself!
  8. Kysen

    Runaway boats

    I have to say I think that is a great suggestion!
  9. Hey Guys I have started a Let's Play series on YLANDS. I plan on making this a long term series on my channel and also introducing other videos such as tutorials, playing on servers and more! Check out my video below and feel free to ask me any questions you may have
  10. Kysen

    Want To Join A Club?

    We'd love to have you! Our club is all about people who want to learn, share and have fun with YLANDS Join Now:
  11. Kysen


    Hey I'm currently looking for members to join my club. I'm making videos on YLANDS but I want to start a community around the game. If you're interested in joining that would be great
  12. Kysen

    Newcomer Help: Exploration Mode

    Thanks for this answer, very informative! I've created a club on here because I'd like to build a community with people who like the game and want to share ideas, knowledge etc. Let me know if you'd be interested in joining, would be great to have you
  13. Kysen

    Newcomer Help: Exploration Mode

    Ah ok I haven't gone far enough to get that message yet but that's interesting I've started a club where I'm trying to build a community around this game. Let me know if you're interested in joining
  14. Kysen

    Exploration Mode!

    What do you like best about it?