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  1. Lord_Wolfie

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    Thank you
  2. Lord_Wolfie

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    Mabe a Stupid question. How can I start a shared game in Exploration? I can add an Yland to my sharegame list but I cant start it.
  3. Lord_Wolfie

    1.3: Watery Water

    Uhm, is it right, that it isn't possible to tame horses in the moment? Cause there is no bait for them, and taming like before doesn't work Never mind, just haven't had carrots?
  4. Hey I have a server and I started an exploraton game on it some time ago. Now with the update I wanted to start a new exploration game, I bought new time for the server, but I can't start a exploration game, so I wasted my coyns.
  5. Lord_Wolfie

    Is it possible to find every ore in every world?

    I played a few worlds meanwhile. I found every ore in every world till now. Some ores are "hided" more then others. There was a time I thought there isn't every ore in the world. But on level 3 Isles are 3 ressources, so it could be in a cave is the ore that you are seeking. That is my experience
  6. Lord_Wolfie

    Energy Stove

    I have it connected to an energy source but it doesn`t start cooking. So I think I will use the modern kitchen stove.
  7. Lord_Wolfie

    Energy Stove

    Hey guys. It`s me again with a stupid question. Is there any trick to use the energy stove, except to connect it to energy? Thanks a lot for any answer.
  8. Lord_Wolfie

    Newcomer Help: Exploration Mode

    Okay, thank you. It`s the thing I played already in early access but haven't played for a long time. There were up to 10-15 ilands. But now when I sail far east/west/north/south I get the message there is only blue ocean cause I'm leaving the Ylands zone. Thats why I'm asking
  9. Lord_Wolfie

    Newcomer Help: Exploration Mode

    I have a question, maybe it's stupid and already answered in another post. But I haven't found an answer. Arer there only 5 island around the startisland, or is there a possibility to find more?