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  1. Hi Ane, Thanks for the reply. I am able to load games successfully as of now, it looks like everything I had is still in my inventory. Not sure if you meant the freezing issue on load, that seems like it went away, or the items that I had being correct when I log in again. After I logged in and saw that all of my items were missing I continued playing for a while and have gotten new items/recipes and such but all I have gotten since that original bug is still there. I don't even know if its possible but could my character be restored to where it was that day? If not its no big deal as I was certainly not that far into it and like I said I have gotten new items, but just wondering in case something like this happens in the future. Thanks again for all the hard work!
  2. Hi Berzeger, Yea I figured there was something important in there and that was probably not the best solution, but it worked at the time so I just ran with it. I will definitely not do that again in the future though, thanks for the advice!
  3. Yea definitely, I've run into a similar issue on my own servers. Might just not be perfectly optimized yet, which is understandable. I'm sure some of these issues will get ironed out as the game is out for longer.
  4. Yep actually I just checked that and mine said unassigned as well. Wonder if something got screwed up with character loading.
  5. LOL that is unfortunate, but yea I encountered the same male pattern baldness as you i had a bunch of stuff on my guy as well unfortunately. Not the end of the world but would be nice to get that back. I'm guessing all of those NullReferenceExceptions are referring to all of our items. Not sure why that would happen all of a sudden as there was no update as far as I can tell. Hopefully we can get all of our stuff back eventually. Did you do anything weird or change anything about the server or game before this happened?
  6. Yea so far it's just this one that I've seen. Everyone else on the server is totally fine it seems which is weird. I don't think my name was unassigned... Where exactly would I check that?
  7. Hello, Just wanted to start by saying this is a fantastic game and the fact that all the devs are so responsive to issues on here is awesome! Really makes me glad to support your company. Anyways, unfortunately I ran into an issue today when trying to play. I logged in and my character did not seem to be saved properly. It looks like it reset to a default character (no clothes/hats/etc.) I had also been hosting a multiplayer game and when I log in to that I don't have any of the items, neither inventory nor action bar, or crafting recipes that I had when I last logged off. Other players can log in successfully and they seem to have all of their items still. I ran into an issue with loading games yesterday so I tried deleting the BadLoadBackup folder (a solution recommended on the forums) and that seemed to work, as far as loading goes. Not sure if that could have caused this issue, as I logged in and out a few times yesterday without issue and this just started happening today, but figured it was worth mentioning. I attached the output_log file so hopefully that helps, and please let me know if you need any other information from me and I'll try to give it to you. Thanks!! output_log.txt