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  1. Malaka135

    The next big step for Ylands

    I can agree. I started this game when I saw it pop on Steam as an advertisement during the big December release. The exploration was the main thing I saw in the teaser video and it drew me in. I picked up the editor real fast and just had idea after idea of doing things so I began my first game with the idea of potentially making some coyns in return for my effort. I've done server hosting in Gmod which I can see Ylands providing a similar massive list of custom servers/gamemodes to play. The dwindling playerbase is making this seem farther out of reach. I do think perfecting Exploration would bring more attention to this game. The most complaints I hear about this game from being in different discords is always something regarding exploration. Personally I don't do exploration as I went into the editor, but I do talk with many players and this is the concern they all seem to share.
  2. It would be nice if the Interior lighting effects would show up if the Player's camera is within the zone. Currently it seems to only work when the player physically enters the zone. If possible, can we set it to also detect and activate the effect when the camera inside the zone is also enabled and active. Current workaround is teleporting the player inside the Interior game logic zone.
  3. I was trying to devise a way of showcasing different vehicles to choose from and set a simple rotation animator on a vehicle. I had to set the vehicle in a Group to get the "Animated" checkbox to appear for it. It works fine when testing Animation through editor using the F7 command, however when testing it live in game. The vehicle teleports to either 0,0 or the corner of the abnormally shaped green wireframe of the "Group" box. I tested a new vehicle by just placing the chassis down and immediately when creating a Group, the green wireframe box seems to stretch to 0,0 of the world.
  4. Malaka135

    Comments in Editor

    This one should be easy to implement. Can we just have a tile dedicated to comments? Maybe even be open/close-able with a +/- or chevron so we can hide/show the comment. It's starting to get hard organizing and remembering what each thing does in a large projects and comments are a must in coding, they should be also here in the tile scripting
  5. Malaka135

    Collision Detection

    My current alternative is just setposition/setrotation on vehicle but since its constantly moving, it doesn't trigger properly. Vehicles are already wonky as they are so doing a collision detection like this just failed horribly. It is also very inconsistent, sometimes it'll trigger when the front or wheel of the vehicle enters the zone, sometimes it only triggers when the center of the vehicle enters. I don't quiet understand fully myself how it operates but it can't work for me as it is since different vehicles have different sizes, hence I can't fine tune the zone sizing to get it to trigger only on collisions. Large vehicles would hit before their "point" hits the zone and smaller vehicles will trigger before even colliding.
  6. Malaka135

    Collision Detection

    Any way to add a way to detect collision between two entities? Such as in the event listener. Regardless of speed, just the fact that two objects touch each other. I want to be able to handle two vehicles hitting each other or a vehicle hitting a wall and detect it. The alternative of using triggerzone or raycast right now is too complicated and unreliable.
  7. That looks amazing. I wish I had building skills like that
  8. Malaka135

    Monitor Projectile

    Are you trying to control an item that can be already thrown like grenades? Or are you trying to script your own throw? If you are making your own Entity template and creating a custom throw. Then you need to handle when the "throw" will occur. Like the player clicks LMB. You'll have to setup custom controls for that. And setup an event listener to listen for custom control from player. In there you will be given the player object so you know who is throwing. You'll also have all the options given to you by the throw tile itself. On entity hit returns 2 values. Where it hit and what it hit. In this case Entity can also be the player which was hit. Does this help at all? I am being brief. Or please rewrite your question to be more clear.
  9. Malaka135

    Mystery related question

    I found a plank in the water once. My silly friend picked it up and when he dropped it again, it didn't float and went to bottom. So we lost the location to confirm what it may have lead to. It is also a sharegame, so I don't know how to take the world into editor and just find out myself. Otherwise, so far I didn't find anything crazy aside from some locked chests with keys I guess I need to find elsewhere. So maybe that is a mystery? There was a map but I couldn't figure out if it was just an item for fun or if I can actually use it. Edit: I brought an exploration map into editor and found an underwater glass structure with some stuff in it. Is this the lab your referring to? Edit: Flying around in editor. I did find a couple underwater secret structures such as ship wrecks, plane crashes, submarine wrecks, even some stone ruins with statues. Is that the Atlantis mystery? I don't know. I didn't see any special items around it.
  10. AI/NPCs have trouble navigating/pathing indoors. If the floor that they stand on is made of blocks and not terrain, they don't seem to follow players, become aggressive, loiter, etc. Their aggressive "exclamation marks" feedback would be very random and they may pace irregularly or spin in circles, however it is not normal AI behavior. Thanks to the P1 community we found out they do work on welded blocks, but if the blocks are not welded together, AI pathfinding is broken.
  11. Malaka135

    Can my buddy build within my barrier?

    If you made the game as a sharegame, I don't think its possible. If you made the game locally then you can. You just need to load into Editor. Hit Create New (We won't be saving a new one so it doesn't matter) On the top left you will see the three horizontal bars followed by EDITOR. That's your editor menu. In there go to OPEN, and you wanna see your games not scenarios, so click on Games on the bottom. You should see your game file in there. Select it and click open. Now find your barrier, select it and delete it. Make sure to hit save too. If your barrier isn't on the spawn island, you can use GO TO in the EDITOR menu to just move to your island faster. Manually flying there in editor is just way too slow.
  12. Sorry for late response. I tried out my idea live and kinda got it to work. I'll show you what I did and you might have to edit it to work with your game. First, I set a persistent variable to store the player's coordinates under Game Settings -> Game Storage I named it disconnect_Position and it is Vector type. I placed down a Player Role so I can handle the OnConnect/Disconnect and I also handle my global storage array of "Connected Players". You'll probably want to do the same if you don't have one already. Its easy, just place down a global storage and create a new variable under Variables. It must be an array. So when they connect, we get the value disconnect_Position to set their new position there. onDisconnect, I actually move their body to the Reference Point 1 which you will want to make and put it somewhere safe. This will be were all the bodies will begin to pile up. I set a Time Trigger to just constantly store the player's position. It is set to 1 sec interval. It loops through all players and set's their disconnect_Position value to their current position. Note* : I tried to avoid using the timer and just store their position on the onDisconnect, but it just wouldn't work. I guess the player already disconnected and the position of get position entity just returned 0 always. So instead I store it live with the timer when I know the game can properly still get their position. There might be a super rare chance that the timer might store their last position just as they disconnect as the safe zone. I doubt this will occur since the timing must be perfect. BUT since it is a possibility, it might be a good idea to setup a triggerzone to teleport them out of the safe zone to protect the bodies of the disconnected players. I hope this helps or at least guides you in the right direction.
  13. Malaka135

    Throw a ball - how to?

    GOOD NEWS!....kinda I figured out how to set direction for aim. Just not up/down but it will throw it in the direction your facing. I found this out from here https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/180874/convert-angle-radians-to-a-heading-vector and thanks to SouLSeuPai from the P1 discord for helping me learn google is still a thing. Basically GET ROTATION entity(Player) returns a Vector (X,Y,Z) with Y being our heading. 0-360 in relation to the world. Direction of the THROW tile wants a vector as well. It's kinda weird to explain but maybe this image can help. Think of it as when your facing forward from spawn, your heading is 0. So if we get the COS of 0, we get 1 SIN of 0 is 0 So if we think of these as plotting them on the graph above, let's image our Y axis is Cos and our X axis is Sin. Facing forward with an angle heading of 0, we get (0,1) Now if we turn 90 degrees to the right, our heading is 90. Cos of 90 = 0 Sin of 90 = 1 So Y axis, go 0 points | X axis, go 1 point. If we plot that on the graph, it points us to the right. So to translate this into Ylands, we need to give THROW a Direction vector: X is gonna be our SIN result Y is a bit weird(I'm still learning this). Think of 0 being straight forward, anything closer to positive 1 is gonna be upwards with 1 being straight up into the sky. Any value approaching negative 1 would be going down with -1 being straight down. Z is gonna be our COS result So we get the Y vector of our GET ROTATION of player. Apply SIN or COS and throw that into the vector values for direction. Lastly, Speed. I don't fully understand this either but the higher the number, the farther it throws it and the faster it throws it. EDIT, I forgot to mention. I changed the +2 to a +1 for Origin so it throws kinda from the hands instead of above the head.
  14. Malaka135

    Throw a ball - how to?

    Unfortunately I cannot figure out myself how to "aim" and instruct the ball where to go. But at least I think I can get you started. First to handle the LMB click, you need to create a Custom Control. You can find that under EDITOR -> Game Settings -> Custom Controls On the right side you see the "?" in a box, kinda looks like a key on your keyboard, you can define inputs as triggers. Since you want to use LMB, that is already setup, so you wanna go to the finger touching the circle one. That is actions. Create a new action, set Active to off. Name it whatever you want. Try to keep the ID something easy you can remember like "throw_cannonball". Set trigger type to tap. By default it is set to RELOAD, click the "SET" button and select PRIMARY ACTION (LMB). If you don't see the list, click on default top right. Show hint and hint just decides what shows up on the bottom right side of the player's hud, I guess this is preferred to be setup. Event Listener for activating the Custom Command we just set to only work with cannonball active in hotbar. Script for this event listener We need another event listener to handle the new Custom Command Script for this event listener It seems like throw likes to take a Entity template only, so I just threw one down and a cannon ball next to it. Linked them with the little dropper. I added +2 to the Y of the Origin so the cannon ball doesn't just spawn right in the player and "hits" the player which is spawning it. Direction is what I cannot figure out myself. Hopefully this helps you out a bit.
  15. I recently discussed this with someone in the P1 discord. They asked the same question. Disclaimer: I haven't tested this yet but I think it should work. My idea on this was to handle it using the ON PLAYER DISCONNECT tile. Their body should be movable using the SET POSITION tile. Just move their body to a safe location and store their position before the move into the persistent game variable. ON PLAYER CONNECT, you can just SET POSITION back to that position you stored.