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  1. Thank you, I appreciate it. But I'm gonna take a break until this is fixed.
  2. @spiritchaser28 OMG, how did I not see it! Thank you! This didn't solve the missing boat issue unfortunately. I just spawn without a ship still (can't be summoned either), and somehow always with the same inventory that I had when I initially lost the ship.
  3. Thanks! But unfortunately I only see one recently played save in the game, and that's the one with an already missing ship (when I realized my ship disappeared I Alt+F4'd out of the game hoping it wouldn't save, but apparently the game saves on Alt+F4). I have more save files in the Steam directory, but there is no way of loading them from the game it seems.
  4. My boat and so all the resources I had disappeared after I loaded the game. I loaded mid-air on a boat, the game reloaded itself two times, dropped me on an island boatless, can't summon it anymore, and the save file size reflects that it's gone. I know this has already been reported. Is there a way to load an older save? I tried deleting the newest save file but the game just says that the newest save is unavailable and won't load older ones. This might be the end of Ylands for me to be honest: what's the point of playing knowing I can lose everything any moment. I wish I could at least get my resources back via the console command but /additem has been spirited away too.. SaveGames.zip Ylands_Data.zip
  5. The error message no longer shows up, but the character position is not being saved. Here's the capture of a loop where no matter where I save I end up underneath of my yacht. Sequence of events in case this helps: 1. Play on explore before the update, save in a cave. 2. Update to 1.2, appear naked on the starting island (with a new protective barrier in inventory). 3. Take boat to retrieve the yacht. 4. Retrieve the yacht, save on it. 5. Loop where no matter where I save I end up swimming underneath it. Thanks! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. I appear naked on the starting island (not where I left off). Leaving the game and reloading a new save does not fix the issue. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt