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    Futuristic Stuff

    A steam punk airship type thing would be really cool to have that would faster than sailing but would require you to fuel in in some way like with steam that you can generate would add quite abit more to the game. Not to sure about the futuristic stuff to much though like a hover bike or space suit. futuristic blocks would be pretty coll though but would have to be difficult to obtain.
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    Agreed a button in chest top right that would auto sort items inside by however you choose to have it sorted by a drop-down menu or something would be very useful (if what ive just said makes any sense)
  3. Editor Add a map that can be pulled up that doesn't have fog of war as im always getting lost Questions I have loaded up my explore save on the editor and i cant seem to find any of the islands ive been too except the spawn island where the camera spawns. Any help? Is there a way to place multiple items at once while building? (i.e make a whole column at once) Added: just thought is there a chance that in the future a command will be added that allows you to mark locations and then teleport to them with another command so it would be something along the lines of: /addwaypoint "name" /waypoint "name" or it doesn't even have to be a command it could be a item so you have a teleporter and then a different teleporter so you can go between but it would have to be done in a way that meant sailing late game wouldn't become redundant as that is a big part of the game when it comes to exploration and travel